NEW: Conflict Resolution course

A photo of Human Givens tutor - Rupinder Mahil

Rupinder Mahil, Conflict & Mediation Expert

We are delighted to welcome Rupinder Mahil to our educational team. A highly experienced and respected mediator, psychotherapist and trainer, Rupinder has been using the HG approach in her work for some time.

Rupinder has many years’ experience of successfully resolving conflict in challenging intra-personal and interpersonal circumstances in diverse environments, including over 15 years experience in interpersonal mediation. She also has an impressive track record of delivering programmes in mediation and conflict resolution, with consistently excellent feedback.

Her new course: Effective Conflict Resolution draws on this extensive experience to give you the important information and skills you need to be able to constructively resolve conflict between individuals and/or groups – whatever the setting.

As Rupinder says, “Conflict needn’t always be destructive, properly handled it can prove creative and productive, leading to better outcomes all round” – the wellbeing of those involved will also be improved.

In our increasingly stressful times, these are important skills to have.


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