Understanding and lifting depression - Audiobook

Understanding and lifting depression

without drugs

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Format: Audio CD / Digital Audiobook 

ISBN: 1-899398-71-6 (CD), 1-899398-22-8 (Digital)

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The profound insights in this MP3 could transform mental health treatment worldwide if they were more widely known. Despite being one of the most easily treatable emotional disorders, depression still affects the lives of countless people.

Essential to any successful treatment is a solid understanding of what depression really is and the best ways to lift it quickly.

This uplifting recording dispels myths and throws light on fundamental questions:

  • why depression is on the increase, including the effects of our modern diet
  • the reasons people become depressed and how to diagnose it
  • the cycle of depression: the crucial link between worry and dreaming
  • why depressed people wake up exhausted and lose motivation
  • why depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain
  • the risks involved in taking antidepressants, and the damage they can do
  • the problem with addictive lifestyles: alcohol, TV, materialism, etc.
  • which types of counselling and psychotherapy can prove helpful, and why, and which can actually deepen depression
  • how bi-polar disorder (manic depression) can be managed safely and why postnatal depression can also be lifted quickly
  • the essential components of effective therapy for depression.


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5/5 (1 Review)
  1. Lynne, Tai Chi Teacher

    I found this to be so useful, meaningful and totally usable. Just listening made me feel so much more hopeful of being able to end this ‘torment’ that is depression. Looking forward to taking some courses! Thank you very much.

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