The Lifting Depression Summit replay is now available

The HGI’s first-ever live online conference was a great success – with over 500 enthusiastic attendees from around the world who gave us fantastic feedback:

“A huge thank you for yesterday!”

“I stayed on throughout the entire session and I found myself saying “wow”, “yes”, and “omg” out loud to myself all the way throughout the day!  I learnt so much and I found it such an interesting day – I loved it.”

“Such a well organized and informative conference.”

“Congratulations for the conference on Saturday it was brilliant! Such a lot of quality information for the public and for experienced therapists too.”

Discover for yourself why understanding depression is key to recovery – by catching up with this invaluable event – you can watch the reply now (Special Offer rate of £59).

“Ably chaired by HGI chair Sue Gray and facilitated by HG College CEO Jane Tyrrell, the day began with co-founder of Human Givens Ivan Tyrrell explaining the truth about depression, reviewing the organising ideas especially with regard to the current pressures which are leading to record numbers of people around the world reporting mental health difficulties.

The topic of working within organisations and the workplace was the theme of Joe Griffin’s fascinating talk.  His streamlined ‘traffic light’ approach to identifying unmet needs at work was welcomed, expanding as it did on his presentation to the Human Givens Conference in 2018.  A lively Q&A led to greater elucidation and insights from Joe’s vast experience.

Ezra Hewing of Suffolk Mind looked at how much wrong thinking about depression has come about, and how difficult it is to change that thinking. He described the current state of scientific knowledge and showed how latest findings about the link between inflammation and depression fit entirely with the human givens explanation for depression and how to lift it. Ezra has also written an article on the myth of serotonin imbalance that will appear in the next edition of the Human Givens Journal.

HG practitioner Fiona Sheldon and Human Givens College tutor, Jo Baker, spoke of the positive impact the human givens solution-focused approach has had on clients here and abroad.  Fiona described how she has taken her work to Uganda, there helping many people traumatised by conflict; and Jo spoke of working with an overseas college student to great effect.  Marion Brown reviewed the extensive research she has done, sharing the latest findings on the use of anti-depressants, with a view to helping people acquire a better understanding of what they can do to inform and optimise their own choices.

If you missed the day you haven’t missed out!   You can purchase The Lifting Depression Summit replay here.”

Thank you to Carol Harper for this write-up of the day, which first appeared in our March newsletter.

The Speakers

Joe Griffin – Co-founder of the human givens approach
Ivan Tyrrell – Co-founder of the human givens approach
Jo Baker – HG College tutor and HG practitioner
Ezra Hewing – Head of Mental Health Education, Suffolk Mind
Marion Brown – Campaigner and retired HG practitioner
Fiona Sheldon – HG practitioner

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