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How to become an even better therapist

– in just 90 minutes!

Key insights – illustrated with practical examples and stories – designed to further develop your skills as a psychotherapist or counsellor

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How to become an even better therapist – in just 90 minutes! Online webinar

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Price includes Accredited CPD Certificate and life-long access


When this webinar first aired live it had almost 1,000 attendees from around the world and received tremendous feedback, so we’ve decided to make it available once again so you can benefit too.

Listening to Ivan's practical wisdom - which arises from years' of hands on experience as a therapist - was excellent!


Whether you’re just starting out or are already a seasoned professional – you’ll find something new you can implement straight away.

CPD Provider LogoThroughout the lively 90 minutes, Ivan Tyrrell, co-founder of the human givens approach, shares with you a range of key insights gathered from what he’s learnt over many years of practising in the field himself, as well as training psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, OTs and others. He illustrates these with practical examples and stories, and includes new models from the human givens approach – all designed to further develop your skills as a psychotherapist or counsellor.

Thank you for making this invaluable information so readily available – really clarified lots of issues for me

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What will you learn

  • What exceptional psychotherapists and counsellors do that makes a difference
  • The 6 vital steps for structuring an effective therapy session
  • The do’s and don’ts of psychotherapy
  • The difference between counselling and psychotherapy
  • How to bring renewed hope to your clients and colleagues
  • The essential 21 skills you need to be effective
  • Informative Q&A sessions from the webinar participants
  • Key things to remember in every client session
  • and much more…

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 1.5 hours of CPD training.

Meet your tutor

Ivan Tyrrell tutor profile picture

Ivan Tyrrell

Ivan Tyrrell worked for many years as a psychotherapist and now spends most of his time lecturing and writing.

Reviews for this course

4.7/5 (9 Reviews)
  1. Ida Kiss, Psychotherapist, clinical psycologist, researcher, journalist

    The course gave me the feeling of coming home. I can’t see a person without his context, his physical state, sociological background, and when I hear the problems he presents, I look up the evolutionary roots of that behavior. It seems to complicate things, however, it simplifies them, too.
    Ivan’s approach is very familiar for me, I also listen with suspicion to the “psychoblahblah”. I felt lonely and rebellious until now.
    I suspect that DSM classification of mental disorders have only one aim: get the honorarium from health insurance companies. Some descriptive names of “disorders” in latin sound downright ridiculous.
    My experiences and studies about the problems with meditation, and other relaxation methods led me think, that in PTSD the muscle armoring is a form of self defence (see Reich), and when ANY relaxation method or therapy deprives the person of it, then he may feel defenseless, and develop panick attacks and such.
    I hope one day I shall participate in one of your live courses, alas, a new, grand goal! Thank you!

  2. Sarah Yanez, Occupational Therapist (currently not registered)

    I’m considering whether or not to return to my OT career after a long break but have decided to look at HG as another possible option, or at least as part of my CPD. The webinar was interesting as well as re-affirming of me as a therapist, since many of the skills I already use in various aspects of my current work life. The only thing I’d say is that being a webinar, I was disappointed that there was no video content. Some more slides with bullet-points might also have been helpful to help keep the attention. What is helpful is being able to stop and start the audio in order to make notes and reflect. I now plan to sign up for further HG material, as love how it marries in so well with OT and is applicable to so many other areas of life.

  3. Brenda Roach, Counselling Psychologist

    This webinar helped to reinforce what I currently do as a therapist. When I was in training, we were taught that we should refrain from sharing any of our life experiences with our clients, and this felt wrong to me, especially if what I share could help someone make an informed decision or help someone to feel more comfortable talking to a stranger. I liked when Ivan spoke about talking to our clients like we would be having a normal conversation; this too helps in developing rapport quickly. I just thought this was a useful webinar for me.

  4. Elizabeth McBarnet, Independent Speech and Language Therapist

    I listened to this webinar to help me to decide whether the HG diploma is for me. I have been practising SLT for 30 years. The insights in this webinar both reinforced the skills I already have, and pointed me to ways to develop my practice so I really enjoyed hearing the lessons to be learned, and it has given me an appetite for more! I’m on my way!

  5. Joanna

    Really clear, insightful guidance and tips – this approach makes a lot of sense

  6. Chris

    These webinars are superb – many thanks to all involved – they’re enhancing the lives of many. Thank you.

  7. Lisa

    You packed so much into this webinar, it really got me enthused again, thank you – so much I can follow up on too. Can’t wait to attend another workshop!

  8. James

    Clear and concise information delivered in such an engaging way

  9. Jules, Jules

    Have been wondering about doing more HG courses or diploma. I am a recently qualified clinical hypnotherapist and I also have a foundation course in CBT. As a nurse my background is very much rooted in ‘human needs’ being met. I found CBT does not do this and hypnosis (although fantastic) feels ‘incomplete’ Much of Ivan’s advice is safe, clear and honest. He advocates a really thorough holistic assessment and the need to have multiple robust skills in your ‘talking toolkit’ He has a really classically soothing voice although sometimes his wordings are a little ‘old fashioned’ Overall very enjoyable. Has made me want to do further courses.

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How to become an even better therapist
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