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Volume 30, No 1, 2023

Human Givens Journal

Format: A4 Printed Journal (60pp) / Digital PDF Journal (60pp) 

ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Editorial: Where’s the madness?

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • Body language
  • kindness and depression
  • placebo power
  • the school paradox
  • hallucinations
  • crowdsourcing platforms unreliable
  • old feel younger
  • depression and lung cancer survival
  • diversity training for police
  • emotional safety
  • shared visual false memories
  • children and trauma
  • drug trials
  • buffering effects of positive events
  • hero’s journey
  • made wealth effects on attitudes to poverty
  • not learning from failure
  • indigenous lifestyles
  • DSM-5 symptoms
  • earnings and physical pain
  • emotional regulation and creativity

Articles include

Ivan Tyrrell reflects…
Ivan Tyrrell reflects on the unexpected ramifications of events

Overcoming addiction with compassion – and no stigma
Mandy Cooper describes the inspiring HG-based work carried out at Bayberry residential clinics

Therapist’s casebook
Juliette Young works with a client whose needs turned out to be much more complex than she had expected

Couples therapy: small changes, ripple-out effects
Ann Marie Taylor describes the three healing behaviours that underpin her work with couples

Lack of insight: the story of psychiatry
John Read tells Denise Winn about his career spent combatting the medical model in psychiatry

FIRST PERSON: The heart of the matter
Chris Dyas on the expectations and assumptions that almost cost him his life

Best evidence: helping vulnerable witnesses to give it
Linda Hoggan describes how HG helps her work as a Ministry of Justice registered intermediary

FIRST PERSON: Anxiety overwhelm
Julian Penton shares what his own experiences of severe anxiety and depression have taught him about HG understandings

The blurring of autism and schizophrenia
Denise Winn explores whether autism and schizophrenia have much more in common than usually thought

PLUS: Book Reviews

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No advertising

To maintain our editorial independence we don’t take advertising, this means every page you read is full of interesting and relevant content. It’s the perfect way to keep up-to-date with developments in the field of mental health and wellbeing – many ground-breaking insights were first published in the HG journal.


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