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Volume 29, No 1, 2022

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: And if the shoe doesn’t fit?

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • Antidepressants and neurological functioning disorder
  • how marijuana harms the brain
  • the dangers of being boring
  • ‘self-compassion and sleep
  • ‘nudging’ behaviour
  • regrets that are unfounded
  • why inattention can lead to cheating
  • simple way to improve eyewitness evidence
  • growth mindsets
  • post-concussion syndrome
  • antipsychotic-induced weight gain
  • conflicting health information
  • victim framing
  • the price of putting children first
  • why the pandemic was “dehumanising”
  • anger misinterpreted
  • conspiracy theories and sensation seeking

Articles include

Ivan Tyrrell reflects…
on our human duty

Working successfully with displaced people
Malcolm Hanson describes how HG helped him enormously when working with asylum seekers

Emotional wellness for college students
An innovative online HG-based programme is helping US college students struggling with their mental health. By Farzad Ehsani

Changing stories around birth
Emma Mills and Catriona Mason show how HG methods helped with issues around fertility, pregnancy and birth

Science versus spin
Fiona Fox tells Denise Winn how the Science Media Centre has helped improve the quality of science reporting in the media

HG in outreach services for young people
Angela Ben-Arie and Sonia Garnett describe Croydon Drop In’s popular services for children, teens and young adults

Through the looking glass: the other side of ADHD
Julia Langensiepen describes the uplifting training she devised to help parents of teens and children with ADHD

Inside our ethics committee
Monique Nauta, co-chair of the HGI Registration and Professional Standards Committee, looks at some current issues

Where we are with the SCoPEd framework
Kat Marlow discusses with Denise Winn the project to define standards for UK psychotherapy and counselling

PLUS: Book Reviews

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No advertising

To maintain our editorial independence we don’t take advertising, this means every page you read is full of interesting and relevant content. It’s the perfect way to keep up-to-date with developments in the field of mental health and wellbeing – many ground-breaking insights were first published in the HG journal.


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