Effective anger management - Audiobook

Effective anger management

Understanding and controlling unreasonable expressions of anger in yourself and other people

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

Format: Audio CD / Digital Audiobook 

ISBN: 1-899398-71-6 (CD), 1-899398-74-0 (Digital)

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Anger is a ‘given’, a gift of nature when we need to defend ourselves — but frequently destructive at other times. Inappropriate expressions of anger (road rage for example) are on the increase in our society and we need to understand why, what it is doing to us and how we can protect ourselves.

Psychologist Joe Griffin has great experience of helping people change their behaviour and manage inappropriate anger. In this audio book he explores the physiological, psychological and social consequences of expressing anger and shows both how to control your own anger, and to deal more effectively with other angry people.

This uplifting audio book throws light on many fundamental questions, including:

  • why anger evolved and what arouses it
  • how the media encourages inappropriate behaviour
  • the negative health effects of being angry
  • strategies to keep calm under pressure
  • road rage
  • risk of violence: be prepared
  • dealing with unexpected strong feelings

… and much more.


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