Which you are you? (MP3)

by Pat Williams


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The struggle between different elements within the human psyche, each with its own urgent agenda, is a drama as old as humanity, recognised as such since ancient times.

Indeed, every individual living today will have grappled, not always successfully, with conflicts which arise in our divided selves between what psychologists call the ‘sub-personalities’. These ‘multiminds’ have a profound effect on our relationships and behaviour. Given the structure of our brains, we cannot escape them – but we can learn to manage them better.

On this thought-provoking MP3, Pat Williams looks at the effects of this situation and offers vivid and valuable metaphors which can help us to manage our differing and often opposing mental states quickly and effectively. Her rich and stimulating account is backed up with a wealth of information and traditional stories, as well as case histories from her own psychotherapy practice.

This valuable, metaphorical approach is extremely useful in therapeutic and family situations, but equally powerful at a personal level.

Approx running time: 78 mins

  • Format: M4B Audiobook (MP3)
  • ISBN: 1-899398-04-X
  • Running time: 78 min

About the author(s)

Pat WilliamsPat Williams was founder-director of the London College of Storytellers and works as a writer, lecturer and human givens therapist. She was co-author of a best-selling encyclopedia of human beliefs and currently writes a regular thought-provoking column for Human Givens: promoting emotional health and clear thinking, in which she explores a wide range of new ideas and information relating to human behaviour and experience. She is a member of the Education Board of the European Therapy Studies Institute (ETSI), for whom she has also produced several informative CDs.


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One of my favorite one-stop teachings about human nature and therapy

“Which You Are You?” is a favorite single source of information about how our minds work and what our experience is really like. I regard it as a better source of information about what really happens in the psychological dynamics of our lives, and how we might reorganize them adaptively in therapy, than most of the books I’ve ever read about therapy, put together.Read full review on my blog at: https://psychatlarge.com/a-review-of-which-you-are-you-by-pat-williams/

Jay Einhorn, USA (from Blog)

Jan 18th, 2018