Just Looking - by Pat Williams

Just Looking

upstream and downstream

by Pat Williams


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Paperback 216pp



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Just Looking is a collection of Pat Williams’ columns from Human Givens, the journal of Human Givens Institute. Each topic is a gem of brilliant writing from a master storyteller. By turns delightful, thought provoking, funny and packed with stories and observations about life’s vagaries.

"These days we seem to be in increasing thrall to downstream thinking, trying to make sense of things by going even further downstream, instead of going back up to find the living connection. I remember how, as a white child in apartheid South Africa, I would hear the cruel dogma, relentlessly repeated, that all non-white people were ‘inferior’. But any child could see that skin colour was only skin deep, and that the unique, undifferentiated human reality was elsewhere – upstream, I could now say."

  • Format: Paperback 216pp
  • ISBN: 978-1-899398-14-0
  • Publication date: 15/03/19

About the author(s)

Pat WilliamsPat Williams was founder-director of the London College of Storytellers and works as a writer, lecturer and human givens therapist. She was co-author of a best-selling encyclopedia of human beliefs and currently writes a regular thought-provoking column for Human Givens: promoting emotional health and clear thinking, in which she explores a wide range of new ideas and information relating to human behaviour and experience. She is a member of the Education Board of the European Therapy Studies Institute (ETSI), for whom she has also produced several informative CDs.


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Thank you!

Brilliant to have all these wonderful essays together in one book, Pat's thoughtful writing is well worth reading and re-reading.


Mar 21st, 2019


A Collection of Wisdom.

Pat Williams' articles are always wonderful - full of wisdom and insight. Much of what she says seems like common sense, written in simple, direct language - except that the sense is, unfortunately, not very common and the simplicity can only come from a writer who has honed her craft and who is sure of what she is saying. She is a straight thinker and a straight talker and she covers a huge range of subjects in a clear-sighted, often witty, way that leaves one refreshed, challenged and grateful. She's just looking but she's really seeing and she makes you see, too.

Nigel Hinton

Apr 1st, 2019


Read this book

These stories and essays flow slowly - like honey from a honey-comb; nutritious and golden.

Lise B

Apr 8th, 2019