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Understanding Anxiety

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Essential information – discover the quickest, most effective ways to reduce all sorts of anxiety and help people take back control of their lives

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Anxiety online course

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Outstanding online anxiety course! Highly practical.

Occupational therapist

Panic attacks, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, psychosexual problems, obsessional compulsive disorders (OCD), raised stress levels and anxiety related to work, money, health, surgery, childbirth, terror threats and dying are a problem for increasing numbers of people – causing untold suffering and costing the taxpayer huge sums of money.

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoProlonged and excessive anxiety also makes us susceptible to a wide range of mental health disorders and physical illnesses. But we needn’t put ourselves – or those we care for – at risk like this.

On this popular online anxiety course, co-founder of the human givens approach Joe Griffin shows you the best ways to reduce anxiety and successfully treat a wide range of anxiety-disorders. He also explains the evolutionary basis of anxiety and looks at why it isn’t just ill health that causes anxiety in normal people but anxiety that causes ill health (for example, when raised anxiety levels suppress the immune system).

This indisputable mind/body link makes it essential that all health and welfare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to reduce anxiety in people quickly – in order to reduce suffering and offer more effective treatment and care.

Truly empowering anxiety training, it was packed with valuable information & advice.

Teacher / Counsellor

What will you learn

  • New information about the biological and psychological forces that make people anxious
  • How these insights improve treatment
  • A deeper understanding of stress and what we can do to reduce it
  • Effective techniques for dealing with insomnia, a frequent symptom of stress
  • Useful ways to measure anxiety levels
  • The five most effective techniques for reducing anxiety
  • Techniques and information that will increase your confidence and effectiveness when treating panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, PTSD, psychosexual problems and OCD
  • An overview of what happens in the brain when we become anxious
  • Increased understanding of the causes of anxiety disorders, such as OCD, PTSD and severe phobias
  • Effective ways to reduce anxiety related to health, dying, surgery and childbirth
  • The importance of the mind/body link – and why increased anxiety and stress levels make us susceptible to physical and mental health problems
  • An understanding of why anxiety-related illnesses are increasing
  • Knowledge of why therapy for anxiety disorders should be brief – the benefits compared to drug treatments
  • An understanding of the ‘fast phobia cure’ or ‘rewind’ technique and how to use it to resolve post traumatic stress – often in as little one session
  • Increased understanding of the causes of phobias and what can be done to remove them
  • How to inoculate against the harmful effects of stress
  • Ways to reduce the drugs needed in surgery and childbirth
  • How to deal with panic attacks and ascertain if they are being caused by hyperventilation
  • Case history examples which highlight how the techniques covered can be easily implemented
  • Techniques for reducing your own anxiety levels
  • Ways to build resilience into our own lives as well as our clients’
  • Includes course notes
  • Accredited CPD certificate
  • and much more…
Counts Towards a Diploma

Counts Towards a Diploma

By taking this course, you could be on your way to completing Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma – a flexible, part-time psychotherapy course which will deepen your psychological knowledge and increase your ability to help people effectively and quickly.  Learn more >

Who is this course suitable for?

  • All health and welfare professionals who’d like to know about more effective and rapid treatments for anxiety disorders
  • Educational and other professionals – in fact anyone who works or lives in a stressful environment that raises anxiety levels
  • Any friends, family or colleagues of people affected by anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, OCD, trauma or stress who would like to understand the causes and symptoms of anxiety disorders – as well as discovering the quickest and most effective ways to treat them successfully
  • Anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of anxiety disorders and discover why increasing numbers of people suffer from them today
  • Anyone – whether for professional or personal reasons – who wishes to be more effective at reducing anxiety in themselves as well as others

Course Programme

What's included?

  • Videos
    18 Videos
  • 30 Quizzes
  • PDF Course notes
  • Lifetime access
    Life-long access
  • CPD Certificate
    CPD Certificate

Course format

‘Understanding Anxiety’ is based on our one-day seminar of the same name. This online version is split into 4 modules, each of which are broken down further into different sections containing filmed lectures given in English by the tutor, Joe Griffin.

Each film clip is followed by a short series of multiple choice questions. These are designed to help you think about and absorb the course content and to check that you have understood the main points of that section before proceeding to the next.

There are also course notes for you to download, plus additional reading information and helpful links.

You can take as long as you like to work your way through the course and can view it as many times as you like.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive an Accredited CPD certificate, which counts towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma.

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This course has been independently assessed by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

Meet your tutor

Joe Griffin tutor profile picture

Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin is a psychologist with many years’ experience both in psychotherapeutic practice and in training psychotherapists.

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Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (26 Reviews)
  1. Karen Hamrat

    I’m working my way through the Level 1 HG Diploma. Making the decision to retrain was daunting having not ‘used my brain’ for study in many years and finding concentration difficult. I can now say, half way through Level 1, that I look forward to online learning. I love how each course is broken down into manageable sections that I can fit into my busy schedule and feel encouraged by seeing what percentage of the course I’ve completed (think this gives me a dopamine hit:) I watch everything twice, before answering the multiple choice questions and find comfort in knowing I can go back and review anything should I feel the need. I like that some content is repeated (Hebbian learning) and also appreciate how the online courses are balanced with an equal amount of in person workshops. Like others, I also had reservations about online learning, but now I trust that Joe & Ivan know how to maximise learning, and designed this course with our brains in mind, even older ones!

  2. Ingrid Steele, Coach and mediator

    Excellent course, really useful content, highly informative and good to have videos that can pace, relisten to and pause while taking notes to make sure the learning is embedded. Great alongside the workshops

  3. Maria da Silva, Coaching and therapist

    I read Human Givens books before starting this course/seminar. So the concepts were not entirely new. But learning through the master, being him an excellent communicator, a kind person and an experienced psychotherapist, helps a lot to understand the concepts and techniques and to memorize the methods in a much deeper way. Thank you Joe Griffin for your hard work, intelligence and kindness.

  4. Rhonda, School Counsellor

    Really informative, very well presented. Thank you.

  5. Sharon Mason, Counseller in private practice

    I felt thoroughly engaged and educated on this course. I am not generally a fan of online learning, however I have now discovered that this way of learning for me will continue. There are also some very interesting topics from Human Givens College.

    In particular, I enjoyed Joe’s presentation his pace of delivery and tone of voice, with an extensive knowledge base and professional experience.

  6. Melanie Kettner-Borough, Pastor, counselor

    This has been an exceptional learning time. My work with people, with many struggling with addictions and various challenging difficulties, requires me to know the human tendencies and triggers and to apply understanding and wisdom in order bring freedom and relief. I so appreciated the privilege of the deeper learning this has provided. Thank you.

  7. Sharon Ward

    Wide range of subjects – very helpful.

  8. Annette, Teacher

    As a teacher and ‘fellow human’ I enjoyed this course so much. Through it I gained a better understanding and acceptance of our ‘instincts-at-work’ as well as insight into the tools one can use to relax oneself and others, straight into a more accepting and understanding attitude whenever we are challenged – and challenges are invariably going to come up in life. So valuable!

  9. Lorraine Shelley

    i enjoyed this course immensely; it was packed with information & valuable advice. Joe’s touches of humour are the icing on the cake! I’m looking forward to signing up for my next course Thanks very much.

  10. Eileen

    I enjoyed the course very much a valuable adjunct to the book ‘Understanding Anxiety’ Human Givens. The course was very well presented, Joe’s knowledge enthusiasm and sense of humour make it a pleasure to do.

  11. Miriam

    Having been a little apprehensive about doing an online course, it being the first that I have done before, I really enjoyed it. I found the format of lecture and multiple questions worked well for me. I surprised myself by enjoying the multiple questions as it helped to reinforce my learning, and if I got it wrong I had the opportunity to go back and re-listen to the lecture. I did also find that in getting the answer wrong, I was surprised that I think it has helped me to process the information. A bit like when you make a mistake, it’s at that point that the learning takes place, as you think,” I’ll not make that mistake again”, or “I need to get my head around that better, I’ve not understood it yet”. The content of the course was really illuminating and helpful. It helped me to understand how the brain works and feel more confident in recognising types of anxiety, understanding different methods of overcoming it, as well as, be aware of methods that require further training.

  12. Gill Brown, Gill

    I am a family therapist and have a number of clients who suffer with anxiety. I found the course interesting and useful in providing practical ways of reducing anxiety, while also giving an overview of the research underpinning the practice. Already I have been able to use the A-W-A-R-E technique with a young person experiencing anxiety about a forthcoming exam. In my work with a couple experiencing difficulties in their relationship I have given them the fundamental emotional needs and resources lists to read which has helped them to reflect on and discuss together the strengths they have and what is lacking in their relationship and then to consider how they can begin to meet their own and each others’ needs. I look forward to undertaking another course with you. Thank you. Gill Brown

  13. Síle Uí Chiaráin, Síle

    ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style’, Maya Angelou Psychological stress pertains more to our perception of the stuff of life than it relates solely to one’s own actual experiences and the actual stuff of one’s own life. As we have evolved to have the template for fight/flight response which in essence was programmed in utero in order to facilitate immediate action in life threatening circumstances, short term stress reactions are innate and necessary for survival. Short term stress reactions have been proven to improve the immune system; however intense, chronic and/or prolonged exposure to stressors can for all obvious reasons impact negatively on one’s psychological and physical well-being. This course is colourfully punctuated with relevant and interesting anecdotes and analogies which highlight the significance of control and perceived control in managing stress, stress levels and reactions to stress. The Life Events Survey is a very valuable benchmark for measuring stress levels but the Human Givens audit in conjunction with this is a powerful antidote to staying stuck in pathological levels of stress causing anxiety and a variety of other unbalancing, unhinging mental health issues. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how we can teach our patients how to access their innately programmed resources in order to have their needs met and improve their lives with immediate effect. The continued expansion of human consciousness depends on the levels of purpose exercised and pursued by the human race for which good mental health is paramount. The detailed and very informative psycho education on this course pertaining to panic attacks, how to identify them as such and how to abate symptoms is immensely reassuring, comforting infact and most notable solution focused. One of the few acronyms within Human Givens psychology…AWARE; for managing all forms of anxiety is extremely well documented and explained on this course and Joe Griffin, as always brings his own passion for HG approaches to his presentation of same and adds appropriately animated examples of its successful execution with patients. Having studied the paperwork pertaining to ‘Understanding Anxiety and Managing it without Drugs’ and having completed the online course, listening many times to the supporting lectures, I feel adequately equipped as an aspirant therapist to counsel clients to good mental health having formerly suffered from a continuum of anxiety disorders. 7/11 Breathing is now a favourite of mine in my own life and has changed my own very balanced life for the better; I look forward to sharing the many benefits of its efficacy with clients going forward. The Anxiety Measurement Scale and the smoke alarm metaphor amongst others are valuable tools of the therapy trade when addressing irrational levels of anxiety in patients. I am most smitten by the infinite possibility of Guided Imagery, for real life rest and repair at least and its endless potential for anxiety management at most, a sophisticated and informed reinvention of a well-known technique with boundless therapeutic value. Last but not least The Rewind Technique for fast phobia and trauma cure is so emancipating and rejuvenating for patients and therapists alike. Surely this is why we train as psychotherapists in the first place…to help patients regain control in their lives, through being able to get perspective and by knowing how to use their observing self, if necessary, to be able to dissociate with formerly traumatic situations so that they can take ownership again and engage healthily and wholesomely with life. ‘What you seek is seeking you’, Rumi

  14. Suzanne

    Very clear lecture on various types of anxiety which I found very useful. I liked the idea of being able to dip in and out of this course to fit round my day. I liked the idea of the mini questionnaires after each section. Joe spoke very clearly and gave some useful examples.

  15. Jackie


  16. Todd

    Such an amazing course thank you so much. I enjoyed every aspect and learned quite a bit, first for myself and also for the people I work with. As a life coach its my belief to build a fence on the top of the hill instead of a hospital at the bottom. The same understanding and techniques that help someone that is in distress are the same techniques that we can use to make sure that we never get to those points or at least less the risk of them. Thank you I look forward to completing all the course for the diploma.

  17. Marie

    I work with American veterans daily and will use this common sense/science based approach. Thank-you a very useful and honest course.

  18. Gary

    I have been in practice for 9 years and in that time, I have completed many HG courses. There is always something new to learn, a new perspectives to view from, that is why I like these courses they update my skills and remind me about the basics that seem to get lost in time, I also find that client feel assured that I have the appropriate training that supports my claim to be able to help them, keep up the good work Joe. I gave this course 5 stars however it could have been a 4 because of the quality of Joe.s jokes ….. (only kidding!!)

  19. Elisa

    I am a hypnotherapist and I have been developing many strategies and techniques that work everyday with anxiety clients which reflect what is taught on this course. What this course has given me is the underlying understanding of why my strategies and techniques work and how to explain them to my clients. It has made me feel confident in my abilities and has clarified for me why what I do is successfull . Invaluable.

  20. Ruth

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found the mix of video and questioning about right with each video clip lasting for an appropriate length of time. I know I will find the learning useful. My only issue was of a technical nature and might be my technology or my use of my technology. I found it difficult to access the first set of questions directly after each video, this started part way through the course. I got around it by going back to the video and then moving on and then the file would open. This was just a minor irritation of a very well put together training package.

    • In reply to Ruth – HG College

      Thanks for the feedback Ruth, you do need to click the next button to mark that section complete so you can view the questions, this might be why you experienced difficulties, but we will get our technical team to look into it.

  21. Richard

    With anxiety on the increase, if you want to help, you must take this course.

  22. Anne-Marie

    I found this course accessible, interesting and useful. I have already begun applying the concepts and techniques in my own life – they work!

  23. Catherine

    This day long course, which can be dipped into and studied online at one’s leisure is clearly and helpfully presented by Joe Griffin who conveys the many types of anxiety people can suffer from and how to manage it as a therapist. I found it very useful to hear how effective guided imagery, creative visualisations, and the rewind technique can work in a practical way with these patients. From sleep, to dreaming, to our needs and our emotional brain this analysis of how trauma, phobias, OCD and other more general anxieties can be effectively helped through the HG’s practical approach means a topic which can seem daunting seems very accessible to me now.

  24. Jennifer

    I thought the course was absolutely great – the content, the huge amount of knowledge imparted and of course the lovely sense of humour with which it was presented by Joe Griffin. It has been of great benefit to me (an individual, not a therapist). A big THANK YOU. Sincerely, Jennifer Wood

  25. Simon

    Really thoughtfully run course!

  26. Mike

    I love being able to take this course at home and learnt a lot from it. The human givens approach is an incredibly sensible, practical and caring approach to helping people and I’m very pleased I’ve found it – I’m going to do more of your courses as soon as I can.

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Understanding Anxiety
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