Free Webinar

If you live or work with students – or are one yourself – take a listen to HG therapist, tutor and student wellbeing expert Gareth Hughes’ helpful webinar: Learning and Wellbeing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It’s jam-packed with practical information and advice including: specific things students can do to look after their wellbeing and continue learning during this uncertain time, how the way we all engage with learning can improve our wellbeing and simple steps students can take to enhance their wellbeing generally.

It also addresses current anxieties about the importance of exam grades and what this might mean for the future of our students.

Teenagers and university students are one of the groups being badly affected by the ongoing uncertainty of lockdown – this helpful webinar provides students and their families with lots of useful advice and practical steps to take to reduce the stress and make learning at home easier and more productive…

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