Tackling Mental Health In Sport

– with Dr Phil Clarke

A fascinating and insightful discussion about sports psychology, performance psychology, and behavioural science – if you have the desire to help people, this podcast is for you.

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“…You can`t control the outcome, you can influence it but you can`t control it…”

Dr. Clarke is an experienced lecturer, researcher, and consultant in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology at UOD where he completed his PhD exploring the role of psychological predictors in pressure performance.

Phil has a passion for human performance, wellbeing, and mental health whilst supporting individuals in achieving their potential, whether that is in the classroom, the boardroom, or sport.

Alongside his lecturing role, Phil is also the current Sport Psychology Lead with both Team Derby and the Derbyshire Institute of Sport where he supports a range of elite athletes and coaches in their sporting ventures. Phil has also applied these principles to other performance environments and now researches and provides consultancy in a range of other performance domains including education, corporate, aviation, and military scenarios. Phil has presented his award-winning research both nationally and internationally at a range of conferences over the last decade.

Phil believes it is important to ensure he continues to work in all three areas consultancy, education, and research to continue to drive the discipline forward but to also ensure his practice is scientifically informed with the latest research and thinking to support his clients but to also help shape the performance environments which leaders and teams create to achieve high performance.

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