City of London Police commission HG training

After establishing that her team needed more training to help them in their work with a group of challenging, vulnerable young people, PC Sharon Herbert identified human givens in-house training as the best option for their specific needs.

“I explored a number of training options but found the human givens training delivered by Richard Brook, How to work with troubled and troublesome teenagers, was the only one that covered all the areas I was specifically looking for – from teen development, neuroscience and practical tools for staff to utilise confidently, to building an environment where our young people were understood and the positive change we were looking for would be effected. And not forgetting the need to reduce the stress that was building amongst my team!”   Read case study

The feedback was outstanding – and the skills and knowledge gained have gone on to have a really positive impact...

PC Sharon Herbert

HG trained social worker Richard Brook has devoted his working life to helping adolescents with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and their families. In his one-day course How to work effectively with troubled and troublesome teenagers, Richard immediately clarifies that ‘troublesome’ usually equals ‘troubled’ and that we must learn to listen, in order to find out what the trouble is. First showing us what healthy teenage development looks like, he then looks at why things can go wrong and the best ways to help young people overcome obstacles and begin to create lives for themselves that work well.

 “By working with the ‘givens’ of human nature, and ensuring that sound knowledge of how people really function is applied intelligently to teenagers, you can speed up progress, reduce anti-social behaviour and teen depression, and bring young people real benefits.”

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