Volume 4, No 3, 1997

The Therapist

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Editorial Good wine needs no bush


  • Depression: psychotherapy is the best medicine.
  • A manifesto for mental health.
  • Truth by viewpoint...is truth for a time.
  • New dream research — This major work shows how and why we evolve to dream
  • Nurses and violence. Horrifying figures from the Nursing Times and the BBC's Here and Now show that nurses are increasingly at risk from violence.

Shattered lives.
Mark Pendergrast, author of 'Victims of Memory', and Frances Hill, author of 'Delusions of Satan', talks to Ivan Tyrrell about witch hunts past and present.

Narrative approaches with lifers — part one
Dr Bob Johnson, formerly consultant psychiatrist at the Special Unit at Parkhurst Prison, explains his approach to treating the "untreatable".

Who counsels the deaf?
Maririan Corker asks how the so-called "talking cure" can be adapted to meet the needs of the deaf community.

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  • Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
  • ISBN: 1467-5676 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 20/09/1997

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