Volume 4, No 1, 1996

The Therapist

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Editorial A way through the maze.


  • Dementia — a therapeutic approach
  • Pattern and picture — not always the same
  • Massage for mental health
  • Why schizophrenics do better in Third World Countries
  • Listening skills
  • Smoking effects on ageing and sight
  • One in 5 children suffer mental health problems

The secret of happiness
Dr Peter Fenwick shows how happiness need not elude us, even in the most trying circumstances.

The healing power of stories
Dan Taylor shows us how we use stories to know and remember. They humanise us.

Anne Glyn-Jones on why civilizations collapse
Ivan Tyrrell talks to the author of 'Holding up a Mirror; about the dynamics of history that eventually lead to the destruction of security, prosperity and artistic achievement.

Bereavement: Counselling and hypnotherapy
A provocative comparison of techniques by Ronald Shone and Ruby Smith, RGN.

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  • Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
  • ISBN: 1467-5676 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 20/03/1996

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