Demystifying Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (MP3)

by Angela Austin and Ivan Tyrrell


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In this enlightening discussion, Angela Austin – who for many years ran a school for children with ASD – talks to Ivan Tyrrell about how the human givens approach brings clarity and effectiveness to both understanding and supporting those on the autistic spectrum. 

The number of people diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is increasing; there are many reasons for this and much work is being done to investigate the causes of autism. However, for those who are dealing with children and adults with ASD on a daily basis, the question is, what do we do?

As the first Principal of Hillingdon Manor School, hailed for its effective pioneering approach in working with children and young people with ASD, and their parents, Angela has extensive knowledge of what works and why. 

The approach she developed is based upon the human givens and, when commenting on the school, Ofsted said that it “is very effective in meeting the needs of the pupils”, that “pupils and staff clearly all enjoy coming to school” and that “parents appreciate the close working partnership”. 

Angela, now retired from full-time work, practises as a human givens therapist, specialising in ASD with both children and adults. She is also an inspirational trainer. On this MP3 she shares the fruits of her experience, including:

  • What it means to have this complex condition
  • Understanding ASD-associated anxiety, depression and anger
  • Why having control is such an issue for people on the autistic spectrum
  • How to lower the stress levels of people with ASD
  • Why the human givens approach is so effective with those with ASD
  • Practical ways to connect and build trust

Approx running time: 76 mins

  • Format: M4B Audiobook (MP3)
  • ISBN: 978-1-899398-13-3
  • Running time: 76 min
  • Publication date: 2008 (re-released 2018)

About the author(s)

Angela AustinAngela Austin has over 20 years’ experience in the field of special educational needs. She is the former Principal of a highly successful specialist school for pupils with autism and Asperger’s syndrome and was also for many years a trustee of a charity which supports families with children, young people and adults with ASD. Angela is an experienced trainer in matters related to autism and Asperger’s syndrome and has spoken at conferences sponsored by the Institute of Education and the Royal Institute for Public Health.

She graduated in Special Education from the University of Wales and studied comparative education at the University of California. As well as holding the Human Givens Diploma, Angela has a postgraduate diploma from the British Dyslexia Association, a postgraduate diploma in the Psychology of Speech and Language Disorder from the Institute of Education and a postgraduate diploma from Kingston University. In her private therapeutic practice, Angela treats clients with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and also supports parents and partners of those with the diagnosis.

Ivan TyrrellIvan Tyrrell's interest in psychology stems from a childhood experience of undergoing surgery under hypnosis. For twenty years he studied the comparative effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling models, linking this to what science is discovering about the brain and mind/body/mood connections. As Editorial Director of the Human Givens Journal he has collaborated on many major articles with a variety of distinguished clinicians, writers and other individuals with a focus on psychology, social issues and mental health.

Ivan worked for many years as a psychotherapist and lecturer and is now director of Human Givens College. He founded the Human Givens Institute. He has one son and three daughters and lives with his wife, Véronique, in the Cotswold countryside.


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Very useful

I loved Angela's calm, respectful and obviously very caring approach, lots of useful information was covered. Thank you.

Kate Johnson

Mar 22nd, 2018

Very informative

The discussion is interesting covering the many aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder and its connection with our modern way of life particularly using social media and the stress associated with it for sufferers.

S Dempster

Sep 3rd, 2018