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Improving Relationships

– at work, at home and in the community

Difficulties between people cause immense distress and confusion, and can be highly destructive. This enlightening 1-day course clarifies why things can go wrong and how best to help…

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Improving Relationships

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Whether it’s your siblings, your parents, your children, your friends, your work colleagues or your neighbours, relationships with others can be tricky.

We can be best friends one day and arch-enemies the next. What happens when relationships become sour? How does it affect us? How can we help ourselves and others navigate our way through the minefield of friendships with others. When do we call a halt and how do we repair these tricky relationships? This 1-day workshop answers those questions and many more.

Brilliant day! Thank you HG for maintaining your standards of excellence

Nurse / HG Practitioner

Why take this course

Relationships are vital: they form the basis of our ability to survive and thrive in the world and since every one of us has to deal with other people on a day-to-day basis, this course has something for everyone.

Interpersonal relationships have always caused problems and anyone working with people, particularly counsellors and therapists, will know how tricky it can be assisting others in understanding and negotiating the many pitfalls involved.  Conflict in the workplace and difficulties between people in the wider community decrease our effectiveness, take up precious time and cause a lot of heartache.

With a deeper understanding of what drives most problematic behaviour and the barriers to effective communication, it is possible to help people build more positive, respectful relationships, to manage their emotions, improve their communication skills and, importantly, to know when to call time on relationships that are harmful.

What will you learn

  • The causes of most interpersonal relationship problems and conflicts between people
  • The key factors that help or hinder healthy relationships
  • What influences our reactions to the problematic behaviour of others
  • How to spot an unhealthy relationship – and what to do about it
  • The role of secondary gains in driving our behaviour
  • The impact emotions and stress have on our communication with others
  • A clear framework that makes sense of problematic behaviour and helps you see beyond it
  • Insights from neuroscience about important differences between people, and how these can affect their relationships
  • Understanding bullying relationships and what to do about them
  • How sibling rivalry and family jealousies can manifest in other group settings
  • The value of a no-blame stance – and how to achieve it
  • How to spot whether difficulties such as Asperger’s or Caetextia are causing confusion in a person’s relationships with friends, family or colleagues
  • Ways to build better working relationships that increase motivation and co-operation in the workplace
  • Knowing when it’s time to leave a friendship/relationship
  • Improved social and communication skills – with people of all ages and different cultures
  • A better understanding of ourselves and our own relationships
  • A range of practical steps and techniques for helping yourself and others
  • How to give relationships the best chance of succeeding – the key ingredients for a respectful, healthy and nurturing relationship
  • And much more

Course Programme

The ‘Improving Relationships’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

Because human relationships are fundamental to everything we do, the information this course covers is of immense value to everyone – but particularly: psychotherapists, counsellors, HR professionals, mental health professionals, HR personnel, mediators, workplace wellness or wellbeing officers, GPs, social workers, outreach workers, lawyers, occupational therapists, health and welfare professionals, psychologists, teachers, school counsellors etc.


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Reviews for this course

5/5 (19 Reviews)
  1. HG Therapist

    Hugely informative course, delivered in an extremely engaging and animated way. Realised how crucial the subject area is for wellbeing!

  2. Instructor of holistic approach to recovery

    Very, very helpful for work and personal life, and I really enjoyed meeting other people interested in HG.

  3. Trainee HG Therapist

    Really informative – a different perspective rather than focusing on the behaviour of just the individual. Really enjoyed the section on betrayal and found it enlightening.

  4. Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

    Excellent tutor and content, very clear delivery and lots of useful information. I feel more competent than before.

  5. Recovery Coach

    Very useful, particularly early family socialisation and detailed impact on relationships in adult life.

  6. HG Therapist/Clinical Nurse Specialist

    An amazing day. It was perfectly pitched at all levels of the audience. Great revision and lots of new ‘food for thought’.

  7. Admin Residential Services

    I found it really interesting and was able to recognise my own traits.

  8. Training Consultant

    Fascinating, wow, I don’t know where to start as I’ve learnt so much about me and also could see why I do certain things or behave in certain ways. It’s a course everyone needs as it puts so much into perspective.

  9. HG Therapist

    A great addition to the HG suite of courses. Beautifully delivered with great explanations.

  10. HG Psychotherapist

    It was great as I thought it would be – invaluable and educational.

  11. Psychotherapist

    I found the exercises very helpful, partly because I have only done online HG courses before, so it put theory into practice.

  12. Company Manager

    Really well delivered – great analogies and metaphors which hopefully I’ll remember. Thought provoking.

  13. Psychotherapist

    A very clear and unpretentious presenter with good visual and verbal examples.

  14. Manufacturing & workplace designer

    My first ‘live’ course; I enjoyed the structure and believe this particular course, and the entire human givens diploma will benefit my work in ‘continuous improvement’. Truly eye-opening.

  15. Nurse Practitioner/HG Practitioner

    My high expectations for this course were fully met. Sue Saunders is a consummate speaker. Thank you HG for maintaining your standards of excellence.

  16. HG Therapist

    Excellent course, packed full of thought-provoking information around improving relationships. Engaging, stretching, fascinating – a great addition to HG College courses.

  17. Psychologist

    Very informative tour-de-force with lots of useful tips. The clarity of the course stood out for me.

  18. Therapist co-ordinator – PTSD Resolution

    Very useful course – all areas have been covered perfectly. Good examples have been used to help visualise things better, and I found the course notes very helpful.

  19. HG Psychotherapist

    So much information! Will need to inwardly digest at more length – excellent!

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