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From Stress to Psychosis

How to prevent mental illness

New insights into the causes of mental illness, including severe conditions like schizophrenia, are explaining distressing symptoms and reducing suffering…

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From Stress to Psychosis

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Despite the billions spent trying to alleviate mental illness around the world, the rates of mental and emotional distress are increasing. Why? What is going wrong? Why are millions of people so stressed? And what can we do about it?

Brilliant! At last, a clear explanation of what causes mental illnesses.


Why take this course

‘From Stress to Psychosis: how to prevent mental illness’ gives you the answers – and much more..

Over the last two decades, course tutor Ivan Tyrrell has played an influential role in integrating psychotherapy and counselling with the latest findings about brain functioning and human behaviour. On his enlightening course, you will find out how this knowledge – and the many insights derived from it – can be easily applied to improve the mental health of people suffering from a wide range of conditions, including the more serious.

He explains, among other things, what happens to us when the brain is put under stress; why stress is associated with mental illness; why some people experience psychotic episodes and others don’t; what the difference is between being ‘stressed’ – which doesn’t feel good – and being ‘stretched’, which does. And why people on the autistic spectrum experience stress so intensely.

You will also discover what people need to lead mentally and emotionally healthy lives – and what the best type of help is for anyone requiring psychotherapeutic interventions in order to recover quickly from stress overload, depression and anxiety disorders (including PTSD).

And you will learn about a revolutionary new theory – described by some psychiatrists as “the only model on the table that explains the symptoms of schizophrenia” – which throws much-needed light on this distressing illness and explains why it has been virtually eliminated in communities where the correct approach to dealing with early onset of psychosis exists.

The resulting psychotherapeutic human givens guidelines are already improving treatment – bringing important new hope to sufferers and those working with or caring for them.

A different approach to the medical model – more humane and holistic, which is what is needed.

Outreach & Development Worker (Mental Health)

What will you learn

  • A better understanding of what ‘mental illness’ is
  • The three reasons why all mental illnesses arise
  • Why some stressed people – but not others – go on to experience psychotic symptoms (such as hallucinations, delusions and hearing voices)
  • A richer understanding of the mind/body connection and its impact on our emotional and psychological health
  • What increasing stress levels do to our brains and bodies
  • Information about more effective treatment possibilities that are opening up for clinical psychology, psychotherapy and counselling
  • A moving insight into Asperger’s syndrome
  • Why high functioning people with Asperger’s are easily stressed and cause stress in others
  • What everyone needs to be mentally and emotionally healthy – and how to maintain that wellbeing
  • Natural ways of reducing emotional arousal and avoiding stress overload
  • The central role of emotions in our lives – and why taking it into account is essential for psychotherapy to be successful
  • Knowledge of the APET™ model – which rapidly improves psychotherapeutic outcomes and interventions – and how to integrate it into your work
  • Illuminating case histories
  • The brain as a pattern-matching organ – and what this means for mental health and successful therapy
  • A remarkable observation (shown on film) about the connection between stress, dreaming, depression and psychosis
  • Course notes
  • CPD certificate, that also counts towards the Human Givens Diploma
  • and much more…

Course Programme

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone working with or caring for stressed, depressed and anxious people, or people suffering from schizophrenia or psychotic episodes, who wishes to understand what’s causing the symptoms and how best to help
  • This includes: psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, health visitors, nurses, pastoral workers, social workers, youth workers, HR consultants, HR managers, wellbeing officers, trainee counsellors, psychology students, etc.
  • Anyone wanting to know more about the latest effective strategies for alleviating emotional distress, which incorporate the latest insights from neuroscience
  • This course is for you if – for personal or professional reasons – you want to know the best ways to help someone who is overly stressed and/or you fear they could be heading for a breakdown

What's included?

  • 13 Videos
  • 17 Quizzes
  • PDF Course notes
  • Life-long access
  • CPD Certificate

Course format

‘From Stress to Psychosis’ is based on our one-day seminar of the same name. This online course is split into 4 modules, each of which are broken down further into different sections containing filmed lectures given in English by the tutor, Ivan Tyrrell.

Each film clip is followed by a short series of multiple choice questions. These are designed to help you think about and absorb the course content and to check that you have understood the main points of that section before proceeding to the next.

There are also course notes for you to download, plus additional reading information and helpful links.

You can take as long as you like to work your way through the course and can view it as many times as you like.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a CPD certificate, which counts towards the Human Givens Diploma.

Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (14 Reviews)
  1. Andrew Bradford, GP

    An excellent course which explains how the organising principles of the Human Givens are relevant to the aetiology and treatment of a broad range of mental health diagnoses. It includes several clinical case videos and gives a good overview of the HG perspective.

  2. Gloria


  3. Dora

    Very informative, I have viewed this many times.

  4. Laurie

    My third On-line course with HG. Brilliant course as ever. Great practical advice built on underlying principles that are based on profound and compassionate principles about the human psyche. Looking forward to completing my diploma and putting the techniques and concepts in to use. There is something deceptively simple about Human Givens, but at the same time it touches themes that resonate with a higher as well as deeper form of understanding of our human condition and potential destiny. On a practical note – more real life examples of the concepts and themes would be welcome, to ground concepts in reality as much as possible.

  5. Keith

    Been in practice for around 30 years and have subscribed to Human Givens for a long time but this is the first course of theirs I have taken. I found it resonated deeply with a lot of what I had already concluded from experience and from other courses especially their take on the harm done both by drugs and by psycho-dynamic therapy,but was particularly interested in the significance of the REM state and their characterisation of it. I have a background in neurology which was of help but would recommend the course to any therapist. I look forward to doing more of their courses. Thanks….Keith

  6. Felicity

    The course materials were excellent. Some of the questions were so easy particularly those that ended with “All of the Above” It felt like I was just ticking the expected box rather than thinking about the right answer.

  7. Patrick

    This course was so useful in helping me understand the effect of stress on us and how it can lead on to severe mental health issues.

  8. Catherine

    Ivan Tyrrell has a way of making something which historically has been seen as complex and insuperable to something we can all play a part in healing. A good overview of psychosis and what it is all about with insights into the REM dreaming state which is daring and obvious once you understand it. My only comment for improvement would be if showing it as an online course give the slide longer on the screen as there are many words to take in and if you are a note taker like myself it is useful to have them up there longer rather than focus on the speaker. If you were there in the flesh you would be able to take in the slide at length while listening to the speaker. Instead online you have to pause the video in order to take it in.

  9. Sandra, Sandra


  10. Clodagh

    excellent content

  11. Kimberly


  12. Sue

    This was a useful summary of many of the over arching organising ideas in HG. The content was always excellent even though I found Ivan’s presentation style a little slow sometimes. I also appreciated the final conclusion content – the call to action!

  13. Rob

    A frank and straightforward explanation of psychosis – this approach is far too valuable to be ignored. A real contribution to humanity and our understanding of our fellow human beings. Thank you.

  14. Lisa

    This has given me a much clearer understanding of the causes of mental health problems and how to treat them, I love doing your courses online!

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