‘Inside Looking Out’ – Improving mental health outcomes for men on release

Man sat in prison contemplating

The Just What We Need 12 week therapeutic programme – which is based on human givens principles and was originally developed by human givens therapists to help struggling parents – has been successfully adapted for a range of different groups in society.

Most recently this included a pilot group with its own very particular needs and challenges – the prison population – its specific aim being to improve mental health outcomes for men on release.

‘Inside Looking Out’ focused significantly on helping the men understand their emotional needs and individual resources, and key areas of emotional awareness, combining clear psychoeducation with interaction, the aim was for participants to know and understand themselves and others better – vital transferable life skills.

Due to the nature and constraints of the environment, the initial course was adapted from 12 to 4 weeks and then a second pilot of 6 weeks. Core 10 and PRN14 outcomes were used to measure change. All participants evaluated the programme at 3 on a scale of 1-4, and all expressed that they would recommend it to others…

“It helped me consolidate my position in the prison amongst fellow prisoners, it also provided the first opportunity to tell my loved ones I was receiving support”

“On release I would like to find a course like this. I have made a list of things I would like to do in the future”


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