HG at the Trauma Recovery Summit 2021

This year’s Virtual Trauma Recovery Summit will take place on 21 to 23 June.  The Summit brings together the world’s leading experts in the field of trauma and trauma recovery to present their latest research and understanding of trauma and how it affects individuals, families and communities.

Virtual Trauma Recovery Summit 2021Human Givens therapist and tutor, Ros Townsend, has been invited to join an internationally recognised panel of speakers, including Dan Seigel, Stephen Porges and Gabor Maté.  Ros will present a workshop on the human givens approach to treating trauma, drawing from her extensive caseload of work with the NHS and PTSD Resolution.

We wish Ros every success with her presentation, ‘Human Givens: an holistic approach to treating trauma’.  Tickets for the event are available here.


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