Getting Over the Trauma of COVID-19

How to tackle the trauma caused by COVID-19

It is, perhaps, no surprise to learn that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to psychologists Danny Horesh and Adam Brown, authors of a recently published paper, “While some types of traumas, such as war, sexual assault, and natural disaster have been studied extensively, COVID-19 forces us to acknowledge an arguably new type of mass trauma.”1

Trauma may result, they say, not only as a result of developing severe symptoms of the illness or seeing loved ones experience them but also from the feelings of isolation and breakdown in daily routines due to the lockdown. Children experiencing or witnessing violence while trapped at home will be extra vulnerable.

So we need a ray of hope. And, fortunately, the impact of trauma does not have to be long-lasting, as all human givens practitioners know.

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