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Self-help titles

How to lift

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

This is one of the most startling and uplifting books about depression ever written – the ‘essence of hope’.

Griffin and Tyrrell are the foremost teachers of effective psychotherapy for depression in Europe. Without ‘psychobabble’, false sentiment or jargon, they make it easy to understand the causes of depression and why so many of us are so vulnerable to it. More importantly, they describe how to overcome it. Thousands throughout the UK and Ireland have already benefited from their approach. Now you can too.

'How to lift depression' shatters many myths. It provides clear guidelines, with case histories, for helping people get out of depression, even those at high risk of committing suicide. Just reading it can raise your mood and put joy, pleasure and meaning back into life, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

This book answers vital questions, many not tackled before:

– How to get out of depression quickly
– Why depressed people wake up so exhausted
– How worrying and dreaming are linked to depression
– How to make your life meaningful
– What harm antidepressant drugs can do to the brain
– Why postnatal depression can also be lifted quickly
– Why some common forms of counselling and psychotherapy often make depression worse
– How to ‘inoculate’ yourself against depression.

ONE-DAY COURSE: 'Understanding the cycle of depression'

ONE-DAY COURSE: 'How to lift depression - a practical skills-based day'

Product Code BK-113
Author/s by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell
ISBN 1-899398-41-4
Format Paperback (208pp)
Publisher HG Publishing
Price: £9.99

How to lift 

Price:  £9.99


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"Immediately useful... Read, use, enjoy and reap the benefits for yourself and others."

Footnotes Journal


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“[This approach to treating depression] is absolutely the right way forward.”
BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'

“I can't recommend this book enough. I have spent a lot of money and time researching my depression and I can say this is without doubt the best book I have read on the subject. I urge you to buy it. I'm sure like myself it will put you well on the road to recovery.”
Reader Review, Amazon

“As a GP I see many people suffering from depression, and have searched for years for a good book to recommend to them. At last I have found one ... written in a style which makes the ideas easy to understand and put into practice. I believe that the 'human givens' approach is a major step forward in helping people suffering from depression and other mental health problems.”
Dr Gina Johnson

“An invaluable resource ... easy to read and understand ... offers much practical help and advice.”
Professional Social Work Journal

“Whether you yourself are depressed or you want to be able to help a friend, family member or client, this is an empowering book ... [with] invaluable techniques and exercises for moving quickly out of depression. And there is nothing complicated here — suggestions are simple and immediately useful ... Read, use, enjoy and reap the benefits for yourself and others.”
Ruth Morozzo, Footnotes Journal

“I recommend the book How to Lift Rather than spending months and years exploring all the things that have gone wrong in your life, human givens therapists provide you with the tools, insights and support to turn your mood, focus and life around quickly.”
Dr Mark Atkinson

“PLEASE, PLEASE read this book if you have depression or buy it for yourself if someone close to you does. Depression is extremely nasty — extremely disabling and amazingly powerful — and, to conquer it, you need enabling and powerful information. I am evangelical about the advice and theories provided by the ‘human givens' approach and honestly believe that reading this book can do only good for anyone wanting to escape depression — and escape it for good. I hope the content of this book helps you as much as it has helped me.”
Reader Review, Amazon

“Everyone involved in administering personal therapy should read this book.”
Nursing Standard

“Really easy to read with fantastic tips and explanations. It only takes a day to read this book even if you have trouble concentrating. A worthwhile investment for anyone who has, is caring for, or just has an interest in treating, depression. The best self-help — a few easy adjustments to my life and my sleep is much better and I wake up feeling refreshed (that's in two weeks).”
Reader Review, Amazon


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