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Revolutionising mental health

Self-help books, CDs, and journals using human givens psychotherapy and counselling practices to overcome and treat depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, anger, autism, PTSD, addiction, phobias and eating disorders faster and more effectively than alternative treatments. We didn't need these skills 100 years ago. We now need to adapt faster than ever before.
Uncover the causes behind the symptoms based on our innate human needs. This unique approach unifies 160 forms of counselling under one common language. See our SPECIAL OFFERS.

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  A variety of courses on treating anxiety, depression, addiction etc.
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Human Givens [New expanded edition]
Human Givens [New expanded edition]

“The most practical and intuitive book I’ve read in years.” Charles Hayes A truly new approach to emotional health and clear thinking, this book answers countless questions. Its rich body of psychological knowledge will help you improve the quality of your life and of those around you. Read more >

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How to lift
How to lift

This best-selling book shatters many myths - and even saves lives. It provides clear guidelines, with case histories, for helping people get out of depression, even those at high risk of committing suicide. Just reading it can raise your mood and put joy, pleasure and meaning back into lif... Read more >

Our price: £9.99

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