Volume 28, No 1, 2021

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: ‘Tinkering at our peril’

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • The real ‘fake news’
  • Distanced self-talk
  • How a terminally ill boy found meaning
  • Autism and social camouflaging
  • Impact on babies’ brains of emotional neglect experienced by their mothers
  • ‘Stable’ cancer
  • Gender nuance in translation
  • Language and pain
  • Calming power of panoramic vision
  • REM sleep and discharging of emotional arousal
  • Male and female brains
  • Antidepressant withdrawal and medically unexplained symptoms
  • Therapists’ need for psychiatric drug information
  • Dropping the ‘disorder’
  • New perspective on time spent in nature
  • Ageism
  • Sex differences in negotiation

Articles include

Ivan Tyrrell reflects…

on the power of the imagination

Shattered dreams: how REM sleep, not ‘chemical imbalance’, explains depression

Ezra Hewing shows that an understanding of REM sleep explains not only depression but why antidepressants may seem to help some people and harm others

Inside our ethics committee

Monique Nauta, chair of the HGI Registration and Professional Standards Committee, explains how and why the complaints procedure has been updated

Hypermobility: can it explain some medically unexplained symptoms?

Denise Winn describes a little-recognised physical condition with big consequences for psychological health. Renée van der Vloodt shares her case experience

The social elephant in the room

Suzanne O’Sullivan talks to Denise Winn about the ways in which society and culture influence manifestations of mass psychogenic illnesses

When ordinary sounds can seem deafening

Beth Hamilton shows how she works with hyperacusis, a condition that may complicate treatment for trauma

Mother Nature has needs too

Peter Welman argues for the HG organising framework to be extended beyond needs of human beings to include those of the natural world

Under-nourished: the key to working with restrictive eating

Russell McKenzie explains his successful work with bulimic and binge/starve clients

Switching modalities

Tanya Green and Elizabeth McBarnet, two HG practitioners also trained in other disciplines, describe using HG with clients not originally seeking that form of help

PLUS: Book Reviews

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