Human Givens Journal - Volume 25, No 1, 2018

Volume 25, No 1, 2018

Human Givens Journal

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Driving emotions

How we are: News, views and information:

  • IAPT failings
  • Personal therapy for trainee counsellors: pros and cons
  • Weather and mood
  • Better self-awareness
  • Good connections
  • Why assessors start to mark higher
  • Do’s and don’t’s of therapy
  • Messages about masculinity
  • The ill-health effects of rumination
  • New understandings about fibromyalgia
  • Social engagement
  • Influencing adolescents through respect
  • Novel solution to comfort eating for depression
  • How it feels to hear voices
  • Hope as a therapeutic tool
  • Nutrients for psychosis
  • Outcomes for black-and-white thinking
  • ‘Situation selection’ for the socially anxious
  • Strength and brainpower

Running away with the circus

Pat Williams reflects on the circus as a metaphor for a more real life.

The mental health continuum: spreading the message

Jon Neal vividly illustrates how Suffolk Mind is introducing HG ideas across a whole county.

FIRST PERSON Whistleblower – an HG perspective

Bernie Rochford recounts her shocking experience when, as a clinical commissioner, she raised patient safety concerns.

Inside our ethics committee

Ian Thomson presents illuminating cases which the Registration and Professional Standards Committee considered over the year.

Time to turn down the heat

John Bell, Ivan Tyrrell and John Zada explain why they set up The Conciliators Guild and what it is starting to achieve.

Tipping the scales: an HG approach to weight management

Fiona Sheldon describes her inspiring work in an NHS clinic for patients struggling to overcome obesity

Speeding up recovery from major trauma

Janette Houghton tells how she helped herself recover more quickly from serious physical injury caused in a car crash.

Surfing the waves of PTSD

Rich Emerson describes how veterans with PTSD and/or lifechanging injuries were helped to overcome limiting perspectives.

Fostering good practice

Millie Hamblin shares what HG has brought to her role as a foster carer – and the shortfalls it shows up in the system

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  1. Karin

    Yet another brilliant issue, I always look forward to the journal coming – great articles again, lots of really interesting research summaries – always thought-provoking and inspiring! Also really appreciate that you don’t take advertising, it’s worth the extra cost to have a magazine that’s pure content. Please pass on my thanks to all the team.

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