Human Givens Journal - Volume 16, No 3 2009

Volume 16, No 3, 2009

Human Givens Journal

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One and all.

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Circumstances alter cases
  • sexual differences in vision
  • juvenile stalkers
  • negative beliefs about ageing
  • hearing voices: whose are they?
  • new worries about ‘legal highs’
  • unreliable decisions
  • the role of humour in relationships
  • childhood bullying and psychosis
  • cultural perspectives on emotion
  • social relationships and recovery from mental illness
  • psychiatric beds in the NHS

Putting the picture into focus

Pat Williams turns her attention inward – and outwards.

Saving lives: the ‘human givens’ helpline

Angela Winter describes a volunteer mental health helpline run entirely on human givens principles.


Lorne Loxterkamp argues that contact with birth parents can be harmful for adopted children.

ASD and psychosis: is caetextia the link?

New brain research supports Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell’s theory that caetextia can account for both ASD and psychosis.

Loneliness: the forgotten survival instinct

John T Cacioppo tells Denise Winn that loneliness conveys a vital message about our biological need for social connection.

Working with psychosis – once a week

Emily Lindsey-Clark shows how, as a therapist in private practice, she helped a client overcome severe psychotic delusions.

History but not destiny

John Bayley describes how a new scheme is helping young offenders face a more meaningful future on release.

Catching up – and going beyond

The transformation of a seriously failing school for emotionally vulnerable and challenging youngsters. By Sean Pavitt.

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