Human Givens Journal - Volume 15, No 1

Volume 15, No 1, 2008

Human Givens Journal

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ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Editorial: Randomised – or just random?

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Human nature and treatment trials
  • soldiers and PTSD medical errors
  • cultural effects on perspective
  • alcohol and memory
  • the effects of ‘voluntary’ care
  • antipsychotic drug misuse for learning disabled adults
  • depression in Europe schizophrenia without drugs
  • reading support
  • time and money stress at work
  • cognitive dissonance
  • how to swot
  • stalking psychotic logic
  • letting go of the ‘flow’

The shifting sands of the Dialogue
Sticking to what’s in vogue blinkers us to what’s real, says Pat Williams.

No more clients from hell
Family solicitor Andrew Baines explains how the human givens approach has transformed the service he offers clients.

Seeing is believing
Annette Watts describes the impact of guided imagery on treatment for addiction.

The wrong write stuff?
Denise Winn looks at the copious research findings on whether writing about trauma helps physical and mental health.

PTSD, by any other name
International expert David Alexander talks to Denise Winn about the challenges in treatment for psychological trauma.

Enhancing the lives of learning disabled adults
Sean Gray shows how working from the human givens approach is changing the lives of learning disabled adults.

What makes a good citizen?
Do young people care about social issues? Helen Haste explores the challenging questions raised by citizenship education.

The future for state-funded psychotherapy
Bill Andrews reports from a high-level conference – and it could be good news.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters.


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