Volume 4, No 4, 1997

The Therapist

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Editorial What is a real idea? On the nature of real insight as opposed to pseudo ideas.

How we are — news, views and information

  • Messages of doctors dress
  • The sweet smell of stress relief
  • Herbal remedy for SAD
  • Ovaries and emotions
  • Babies and blues
  • Cognitive Therapy for the unemployed
  • Unrecognised grief
  • Social functioning
  • No need to panic
  • Movers and shakers which can shove us too far — lack of emotional intelligence in the wake of Princess Diana

Bottom-up, top-down: the addiction mix
Gillian Riley says addiction should be tackled mainly through the mind.

Freud, fantasy and feminism — an incestuous brew
Margaret Jervis takes a controversial look at feminism's role in creating an incest survivor movement.

Supervision: is it time to think again?
Dr Douglas McFadzean questions what the word even means and quite what supervision claims to offer.

Not more holistic than thou
Dr David Reilly talks with Pat Williams about real patient care and the shortcomings of all current medical systems.

Narrative approaches in understanding extreme behaviour — Part 2
Dr Bob Johnson, formerly consultant psychiatrist at the Special Unit at Parkhurst Prison, explains how he works with severely emotionally damaged people.

Plus: Book Reviews • Letters

  • Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
  • ISBN: 1467-5676 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 20/12/1997

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