Human Givens Journal - Volume 24, No 1, 2017

Volume 24, No 1, 2017

Human Givens Journal


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Editorial: Theoretically speaking

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Skewed psychological research
  • anxiety on the up
  • placebos and back pain
  • guilt sensitivity and OCD
  • psychosis after sexual abuse
  • politics and belief in false threats
  • sharing around good fortune
  • PTSD Resolution: independent evaluation
  • pets’ place in supporting those with chronic mental ill health
  • when happiness is too much work
  • sex offenders as peer supporters
  • cases from 2016 considered by the HGI’s ethics committee
  • sounds and shapes
  • anxiety and depression and surgery outcomes
  • body dysmorphia and chronic disease
  • telomeres and mental health

The real cost per word
Pat Williams reflects on why word stealing seems so acceptable to many

20 years of human givens
A celebration of all that has been achieved so far.

Eating disorders: an empowering new perspective
How Martin Dunne uses the organising idea of caetextia to help treat clients with anorexia and atypical anorexia

Hearing voices – who is truly listening?
Simon McCarthy-Hughes tells Denise Winn what is now understood, and often ignored, about the nature of voice hearing

Can child abuse cause voice hearing?
An extract from Simon McCarthy-Hughes’ new book: Can’t You Hear Them? The science and significance of hearing voices

Julie Carter shares a life-enhancing moment

Telling a different story
Inga Springell describes working creatively with children struggling in primary school

Learning imaginatively in higher education
Gavin Jinks uses learnings from the human givens approach to maximise the effectiveness of his university teaching

Therapist’s casebook
Ian Thomson, Judith Desbonne and Denise Winn each describe working with a particularly challenging problem

PLUS: Book Reviews

  • Format: A4 Printed Journal (60pp)
  • ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 12/06/2017

About the editor

Denise WinnDenise Winn is a journalist, editor and author specialising in psychology – who has also practised as a human givens therapist for the last 14 years.

She is editor of The Human Givens Journal and for over 25 years she was a regular contributor at different times for the Sunday Times, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. For 12 years she was also Cosmopolitan’s medical writer as well as a contributor to a variety of other national magazines. She is former editor of a magazine produced by Mind, the mental health charity, and the UK edition of Psychology Today.  

Author in her own right of 18 books on medical and psychological topics, for the lay reader, she co-authored the HG Approach series of best-selling self-help titles on depression, addiction, anxiety, anger and liberation from pain, as well as Managing the Monkey with Mark Dawes.


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Outstanding content - very useful publication

I always look forward to my next issue. The price may seem expensive but that's because the journal doesn't take advertising so every page is full of helpful, interesting information and articles. I've learnt so much from it over the years and constantly refer to my back issues for inspiration and ideas. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in psychology and human nature.


Sep 22nd, 2017


Great content

Really good journal, very interesting content - enjoyed reading about all the things that have been achieved since beginning of HG


Nov 15th, 2017