Relax (MP3)

Relax (MP3)

Using your innate resources

by Piers Bishop


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M4B Audiobook (MP3)



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It is a human need to relax, refresh the mind and body and reflect on how things are going in our life.  But in our hectic world today it is not always easy to get into such a calm state and meet that need. With this MP3 audiobook, however, relaxing, drifting off into a reflective, trancelike, inner world, is made much easier for you.  

Just find some time, and somewhere quiet, play it and feel the day’s stress and tension drain away. Every time you hear it you will absorb more of the wisdom it contains:

  • Become a master of your own relaxation response,
  • Discover how easy it is to wind down, however stressful your day has been,
  • Boost your mental and physical health and wellbeing,
  • Let your unconscious knowledge inform your conscious mind – you know more than you consciously realise,
  • Develop a realistic optimism about your potential to lead a more fulfilling life through understanding more about the human givens,
  • Improve your ability to concentrate,
  • Solve problems more easily.

Approx running time: 40min

  • Format: M4B Audiobook (MP3)
  • ISBN: 978-1-899398-52-2
  • Running time: 40 min approx.

About the author(s)

Piers Bishop is a qualified Human Givens therapist, who has been practising for many years. He is also the is a founder and Director of Therapy at PTSD Resolution, a charity for resolving UK Forces’ military trauma. As well as this, he is an organisational psychotherapist and co-founder of WeThrive – a staff well-being and coaching on-line App.


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Very helpful

I'm so glad to see this available again as an MP3 – I use my CD version all the time, it's been really helpful for me over the year.s Totally recommend it


Sep 27th, 2017



So relaxing I haven't heard the end yet. I keep falling asleep.


Nov 27th, 2018