Couples Counselling – is it ever too late?

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Jennifer Broadley

– with expert Jennifer Broadley

Jennifer Broadley is a Human Givens psychotherapist with a thriving online private practice. She is also a trained executive and corporate coach with an independent, external coaching practice operating successfully since 2003. Jennifer is also a tutor at the Human Givens College, where she delivers our couples therapy workshops, helping delegates to navigate the journey of two people, addressing natural tensions and finding ways to mature and develop relationships over time.

Some therapists find it hard enough with one person in the room, when you`ve got two people in the room, it`s important to stick to the plan, to make sure rapport is being built, to make sure you have got all the information from both sides, that we set a goal and it might not be one goal, it might be two or it might be three, there might be a goal for one person, the other and one for the relationship..."

In this podcast, our expert will cover:

What are the common reasons couples need counselling?
When should couples seek help?
How can a human givens therapist help restore a relationship?
What can couples do to help their relationships thrive?
How do you know if a relationship is or is becoming toxic?
Is it ever too late to seek help from a couples therapist?
Plus – top tips for creating a thriving relationship.

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Couples Counselling – is it ever too late?

Healthy couple and family relationships are vital for both adult’s and children’s health and wellbeing. All relationships hit hard times at some stage and research shows that it’s not the appearance of conflict, but rather how it’s managed that predicts the success or failure of a relationship and that relationship support can make a world of difference.

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‘Ask The Expert’ podcast series

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