Volume 27, No 2, 2020

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: ‘Weirder and weirder’

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • No ‘emotional brain’
  • beliefs about mind wandering
  • hair prejudice at work
  • functional neurological disorder
  • guidelines on withdrawal symptoms with antidepressants
  • distanced self-talk
  • apathy and dementia
  • neurobiology of social distance
  • psychiatrists’ perceptions of psychosis
  • owls, larks and emotional wellbeing
  • pain and risk perception
  • how ‘likes’ entrench attitudes
  • antidepressants and movement disorders
  • vision and the brain
  • ethics
  • unwitting worsening of clients’ symptoms
  • low status of Arab psychology
  • doing harm
  • Mechanical Turk
  • dissociation

Articles include

Ivan Tyrrell reflects…

on the manipulation of fear

Religious trauma syndrome: how HG can help

Stevie Noah describes the Christian fundamentalist upbringing that affected her life and how human givens understandings have helped her cope

Other languages, other selves 

Beverley Costa argues that people’s selves are constructed through the languages they speak, and good therapy must take account of this

No more dancing around the problem

Stuart Waters is determined to bring emotionally healthy practice to the dance world, after nearly losing his life

The ghost in the machinery

Paul John Scott tells Denise Winn about his gripping thriller, which cleverly exposes murky practice within the pharmaceutical industry

FIRST PERSON: The tragedy of Lebanon 

John Bell reflects on how ignoring innate needs has crippled his homeland and how it could be helped

When rewind is not the answer 

Véronique Chown describes two sessions which didn’t develop in the way she had initially expected

HG-enhanced child protection

Emma Grey shows how HG helps her help families at grave risk of losing their children to the care system

Couples casebook

Jennifer Broadley demonstrates how basic HG principles and practice can quickly help couples struggling with their relationships

PLUS: Book Reviews

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No advertising

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