Human Givens Journal - Volume 20, No 1, 2013

Volume 20, No 1, 2013

Human Givens Journal

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The plane is still flying.

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Taking the heat out of conflict
  • ostracism
  • illusions about time
  • ‘throwing away’ negative thoughts
  • sleep and schizophrenia
  • needs satisfaction for health is global
  • PTSD in veterans
  • depression can be contagious
  • eyewitness evidence
  • emotional blindness
  • study strategies
  • meaningful patterns
  • singing and dementia
  • memory tricks for depression
  • placebo effect
  • arguing while babies sleep
  • sex and social science

Up and down the stream

Pat Williams explores what it means to take appearance seriously.

‘Axis of evil’ versus ‘the great Satan’ – or needs unmet?

John Bell says reciprocal recognition of US and Iranian needs is key to the resolution of the nuclear issue.

“Use the breath. It’s easier”

Sam Gerrard on the benefits of 7:11 breathing.

Heart attack

Ivan Tyrrell gives his inside view of needs being met and unmet during his recent NHS experience.


Psychiatry: our necessary shadow

Tom Burns tells Denise Winn the secret of successful psychiatry.

The needs for Kurdish self-determination

John Zada looks at one under-reported Middle East conflict through the lens of the human givens.

Therapy techniques that work

Miriam Chachamu kicks off an occasional series on methods that sit well with the human givens toolkit.

A safer way to fight fire

Philip Parker shows how the HG approach could help firefighters.

A week in the life of…

The diverse ways in which Jane Ackrill uses the HG approach.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters


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