Human Givens Journal - Volume 19, No 1, 2012

Volume 19, No 1, 2012

Human Givens Journal

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Good things in small packages.

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Questionable research practices
  • what gets lost in the interpretation
  • psychopaths and feelings
  • ‘doomed’ foster placements that succeed
  • autistic children
  • antidepressants
  • false self-expectations
  • earthquake in New Zealand
  • filling in the memory gaps
  • getting creative
  • novel approach for helping to lift depression
  • perception of status
  • paraplegia and walking dreams
  • more on the amygdala
  • religion and disgust

Could have been worse?

Pat Williams looks at what really happens when the medium becomes the message.

Putting human givens into the heart of policy

Julie Taylor shows how policy is made – and can be influenced – at national level.

Therapist’s casebook

Dianne Lobbett describes some of the more striking – and salutary – therapeutic challenges that she has faced.

Just what couples need

The human givens approach enhances the success of therapy with couples. By Véronique Chown.

How we set up a human givens therapy centre

Gail Rhodes and Jenny Waddington describe the steps they took to establish their clinic in York.

Healing Hands

How the human givens informed Liz Fosbury’s volunteer work with war survivors in Sarajevo.

A visceral reaction

Renée van der Vloodt describes a dramatic case involving the rewind technique.

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