Human Givens Journal - Volume 17, No 4, 2010

Volume 17, No 4, 2010

Human Givens Journal

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Balancing act

How we are: News, views and information:

  • ‘Weird’ people
  • depression and disgust
  • when clean equals pure
  • intensive care and PTSD
  • when young meet old in residential care settings
  • vitamin D and schizophrenia
  • cannabis and memory
  • how charisma affects judgement – badly
  • physical dangers of lithium
  • incest taboos
  • talking on mobile phones telescopes attention
  • self-harm among black women
  • help for south Asian women with depression
  • brain sex
  • how sight affects the immune system
  • alcohol and left-handers

How to make friends across the centuries

Pat Williams distinguishes between sharing ideas – and stealing them.

“Be subversive – build bridges”

Gwen Griffith-Dickson and Jonathan Smith describe two exciting projects that are helping defuse religious tension.

To advise or not advise: that is the ethical question

Sam Gerrard explores the cases made for directive and non-directive counselling and arrives at his own conclusion.


Toby Cann finds that the human givens can help him deliver personal social education (PSE) more successfully to teenagers.

Humanity on steroids

Robert Ornstein discusses with Denise Winn how we can use psychology to help curb human excesses and protect the planet.

Walking the dog

Denise Winn describes an unusual way she sometimes carries out therapy.

Helping a child in pain

Paediatric pain expert Leora Kuttner updates understandings of children’s experience of pain and ways to reduce it.

Wanting connection, fearing rejection: the paradox of loneliness

Gale Lucas reports research which shows how the mindset that causes loneliness can be switched in an instant.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters


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