Human Givens Journal - Volume 16, No 1 2009

Volume 16, No 1, 2009

Human Givens Journal

Format: Digital PDF Journal (48pp) 

ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Bad language

How we are: News, views and information:

  • ‘Bad’ behaviour
  • depressed women and smoking
  • EI affects IQ
  • curiosity
  • gay the new black
  • addiction is voluntary
  • teenage memory
  • how the pub meets needs
  • physical and emotional warmth linked
  • sexual harassment at work
  • CBT and depression
  • broken window theory
  • psychopathic offenders
  • breach of trust
  • background TV and developing brains
  • effects of namedropping
  • eyewitness testimony
  • the rewind technique

The button holds it together

Pat Williams gets to the heart of the story

No special measures – just human givens

Phil Shea and Pam Anderson describe how their work as learning mentors is helping a failing school

Instruct the body: how to help healing after surgery
Denise Winn shares her experience of a visualisation technique that may have impressive effects on recovery from surgery

Traumatic incidents: a new way to help police cope

Elly Prior adds a human givens twist to a programme to help police help their colleagues handle trauma

A question of form

John Seddon tells Marga van Vulpen about systems thinking – which gives power back to the people doing the job

Expecting the best: midwifery and the human givens

Caroline Brunt and Bindi Gauntlett describe how midwives are helping new mothers meet needs during pregnancy and after

The Emotional Needs Scale

Brett Culham describes his research, which validates the human givens’ needs-based approach to emotional health

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