Human Givens Journal - Volume 13, No 3, 2006

Volume 13, No 3, 2006

Human Givens Journal

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All change, please

  • How We Are: news, views and information
  • Self-system therapy
  • depression and light
  • lying to people with dementia, and ways to make life better
  • aggression and women
  • maternal stress and baby’s intelligence
  • different ways of dealing with dread
  • season for suicide
  • music and pain
  • dangers of assumptions
  • focus on psychosis
  • when men take risks
  • ‘Letting go’ needs no time at all
  • Pat Williams considers the gift of time travel.

Molar memories

A previously unidentified primitive survival mechanism explains many inappropriate behaviours, suggests Joe Griffin.

The tales we tell

Stories have the power to change lives. By Rob Parkinson.

The welfare state we’re in

James Bartholomew tells Ivan Tyrrell how the welfare state has changed our culture in adverse, unexpected ways.

Fair as well as middling

Peggy Nicholls makes use of her human givens counselling skills in her work as a mediator.

Becoming an ‘Aspie’

Stephen Blakey describes what it was like to discover at 50 that he had Asperger’s syndrome.

The blind spots in our mind’s eye

What our brains add in and what they leave out can explain many of our misjudgements. By Professor Daniel Gilbert.

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