Volume 14, No 1, 2007 (Digital PDF)

Volume 14, No 1, 2007 (Digital PDF)

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: Warmer weather fosters growth

How We Are: news, views and information

  • Depression and the brain
  • empathy building
  • explaining atrocity
  • pet power
  • positive messages
  • stress in pregnancy: risk to children
  • cholesterol and stress
  • children and safer road crossing
  • the ‘umbrella test’
  • doctors who struggle
  • super brain
  • believing is seeing
  • health information
  • creating expectation for change
  • money and mind
  • dementia
  • left bias
  • exercise, depression and psychosis

Settled, is it? Or stuck?
Pat Williams looks at what it means to have our feet on the ground

Patterns that persist
Pat Williams shares her discovery that stories particularly treasured – or feared – in childhood can cast powerful ‘forward shadows’

Against the law – but in line with the lore?
Steve Davidson investigates whether offending behaviour may be predicted by the stories that offenders were drawn to as children

Human givens and the NHS
Sandwell PCT has incorporated human givens principles into its mental health strategy. Dr Ian Walton assesses the challenges

How to tackle the toxic boss
Jill Walker tells Denise Winn about the strategies that she has devised for helping people stand up to poor or bullying managers

Seeding success
Graham Robertson makes highly effective use of plants in his work with distressed or underperforming adolescents at school

Doing what counts
Bill Andrews explains how all therapists can help provide the hard evidence that the human givens approach works

When time’s not on our side
James Hooton describes his work as one of the new mental health practitioners in primary care

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters

  • Format: Digital PDF Journal (48pp)
  • ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 20/03/2007

About the author(s)

Denise WinnDenise Winn is a journalist, editor and author specialising in psychology – who has also practised as a human givens therapist for the last 14 years.

She is editor of The Human Givens Journal and for over 25 years she was a regular contributor at different times for the Sunday Times, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. For 12 years she was also Cosmopolitan’s medical writer as well as a contributor to a variety of other national magazines. She is former editor of a magazine produced by Mind, the mental health charity, and the UK edition of Psychology Today.  

Author in her own right of 18 books on medical and psychological topics, for the lay reader, she co-authored the HG Approach series of best-selling self-help titles on depression, addiction, anxiety, anger and liberation from pain, as well as Managing the Monkey with Mark Dawes.