Recovering from psychological domestic abuse

After years of suffering psychological domestic abuse from someone she thought was a ‘loving and supportive’ partner, and eventually realising she was experiencing coercive control and terrifying manipulation, Emma* knew she had to get away from her husband. With help from a human givens therapist, she did.

Once Emma started to come to the realisation that her relationship with her husband wasn’t right, she started to feel unsafe and turned to Google.

She soon came to the terrifying realisation that she was in fact in a psychologically abusive relationship. Despite seeing one therapist, she still needed more help and support to deal with trauma and the traumatic experiences she had faced, it was then that a friend recommended she see a human givens therapist: Hannah Jackson.

As Emma was unable to leave the toxic environment of the family home, Hannah used her human givens training to support Emma and provide her with a range of tools which she could use to take back some control, gain the privacy she had lost and find her strength again…

Seeing Hannah was an absolute lifeline – I was virtually in a siege situation and he wanted me to crumble...


All of us deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and breaking the chain of abuse has to be our priory for the purpose of everyone involved

Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson is an HG therapist working in private practice – view details.

*Client name has been changed to protect her identity.

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