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HG therapist Russell McKenzie

Jo Baker was delighted to be joined by HG therapist, Russell McKenzie, on our latest Ask the Expert podcast, Eating Disorders – helping people take back control.  Russell explains how he helps people to take back control of their lives – by removing barriers and giving them the tools to be able to manage their mental health better.


Russell has worked in a thriving private practice for the last five years, and has helped many people suffering with eating disorders, more specifically bulimia and binge eating.  Topics covered on the podcast include:
  • Why people develop eating disorders
  • Eating disorder addiction
  • What is bulimia and binge eating
  • How eating disorders impact someone’s life and their loved ones, family and employment
  • The recovery process – what can you do to help
  • Breaking the cycle of the addictive behaviour
  • Signs of bulimia and binge eating
  • Bodybuilders and binge eating
  • How to approach the subject – what not to say
  • Therapeutic skills and the human givens approach
  • Success stories and case histories
You can listen to the podcast here.

Learn more

  • Russell recently wrote an article in the HG Journal, describing how he quickly gets to the nub of the problem with bulimic and starve/binge clients – you can read it here
  • Discover more resources and case histories on our Eating Disorder Awareness page
  • Learn more about the human givens approach
  • Find your nearest HG therapist here
  • Our Ask the Expert mental health podcasts give you the chance to hear human givens professionals talking about mental health and emotional wellbeing from the point of view of their particular area of expertise.

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