The New Therapist - Volume 7, No 2, 2000

Volume 7, No 2, 2000

The New Therapist

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How we are: News, views and information:

  • The psychological impact of scarring
  • race and Parkinson’s disease
  • herbal sex effects
  • de-stressing soldiers
  • principles of a good death
  • abnormality screening
  • serotonin and brain growth
  • radiation stress from VDUs
  • driving and psychotropic drugs
  • the terrifying tale of ‘Joan’
  • happiness
  • solution-focused therapy research
  • serious professional errors

Blurred and smudged – but not rubbed out!

Pat Williams on how the human race has staggered this far.

DEBATE: The ‘dark’ side of the human givens

Clive Carroll says the desire for power is instinctive. Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell argue that we evolved to co-operate.

Be there! The power of presence

Meribeth Bunch on how health professionals can heighten their effectiveness through good presentation skills.

On the receiving end

One client tells how he had years of counselling before he was actually helped to handle his depression.

Marginalising men

Melanie Phillips tells Ivan Tyrrell and Denise Winn her controversial views on the neutered male and the effects on the family.

Comic strips as tools for change

Ursula Newell-Walker says cartoon art can help clients ‘see’ where they are stuck and identify what to do differently.

Child development: what role do parents really play?

David Cohen cites the evidence to show that genetic inheritance is stronger than all parental efforts and intentions.

Lesbians and the health service

Carole Thomson explains why lesbians, particularly those seeking parenthood, are wary of health professionals.

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