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Volume 27, No 1, 2020

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: ‘What everybody needs’

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • Unhelpful eating habits research
  • mother’s mood and baby’s brain
  • cooperation in children
  • inflammation and ‘brain fog’
  • failing to learn from failure
  • gratitude and depression
  • stress and memory
  • auditory impressions in dreams
  • why people spread news online that they don’t believe
  • abuse in pregnancy and child IQ
  • anxiety, dreams and sleep
  • why junior docs leave NHS
  • borderline personality disorder and childhood trauma
  • blue light from screens

Articles include

Psychosis: metaphorically speaking

Ezra Hewing presents a hypothesis, based in neuroscience, to explain psychosis as a waking dream state and the often contrary symptoms of schizophrenia

Inside our ethics committee

Owen Davis, co-chair of the HGI Registration and Professional Standards Committee, considers areas of interest to practitioners

Organisational health: still more to learn from birds and bees

Lorne Mitchell turns to nature to suggest ways for organisations to act in order to survive, and thrive after, Covid-19

A life in stories

As she stands down from writing her regular column, Pat Williams talks to Denise Winn about her enduring love of stories and how she used them in therapy

Behaving professionally in an age of political and corporate nonsense

Gavin Jinks shows how powerful organisations exert stifling control and how individuals can still make a difference

Joe learns to say “Hi!”

Samantha Attwood describes how using the RIGAAR model helped her work with a 17-year-old with autism and learning difficulties

Bringing HG into fashion

Charlotte le-Hardy explains how wellbeing underpins the curriculum of a degree course related to the fashion industry

Perspectives on later life

An excerpt from Declan Lyons’s forthcoming book on boosting psychological and physical health in older age

The duty of candour

Denise Winn explores the best ways to avoid or, failing that, handle being the subject of a client complaint

PLUS: Book Reviews

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