Human Givens Journal - Volume 23, No 1, 2016

Volume 23, No 1, 2016

Human Givens Journal

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Within the parameters of the rules.

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Meanings of depression
  • childhood neglect and its link with schizophrenia
  • inner voices
  • kindness and social anxiety
  • the iPhone effect
  • how HG differs from other therapies
  • stress and body temperature
  • not so SAD
  • self-awareness in toddlers
  • tolerance of aggressive partners
  • how exercise meets needs in early psychosis
  • status and perspective
  • using imagery to help in bipolar disorder

Editing our home movies

Pat Williams explores how the stories we may unwittingly spin about ourselves stop us from really seeing.

How to get apples, not cactuses: an organisation fit for purpose

Birmingham South Central’s clinical commissioning group meets wellbeing needs of staff and community. By Cherry Dale.

Aspects of good practice

Ian Thomson explores some tricky ethical issues relevant to human givens practitioners.

Coming up roses: lessons in living

Lorraine Trapman describes an innovative project for learning disabled adults in Italy, run on human givens lines.

Innate patterns of emotion

Stephan Perdekamp and Sarah Victoria tell Jane Jones about innate emotional movement patterns and their role in health.

Psychosis: the power in being heard

Denise Winn finds out about the Open Dialogue approach to working with people in psychotic crisis.

Why professionals must admit dangers of psychiatric drugs

Marion Brown describes the action she and others are taking to try to end the long-term suffering often caused by medication.

A patchy project – so far

Janet Donnelly recounts the ups and downs of trying to run workshops on life-coping skills in small rural communities.

Some thoughts on corruption and servility

Ivan Tyrrell argues that the miasma of corruption we all live in subtly affects important aspects of our lives.

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