Human Givens Journal - Volume 21, No 2, 2014

Volume 21, No 2, 2014

Human Givens Journal

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Depression, inflammation and the HG approach

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Meanings in psychosis
  • getting perspective
  • marginal high status
  • arguments and health
  • fostering
  • effortful learning and brain cells
  • bipolar disorder
  • drugs and dreams
  • learning as if to teach
  • bitter taste’s effect on aggression
  • antidepressant dose effect
  • limits to wellbeing
  • cannabis and anxiety
  • happiness and schizophrenia
  • power of ‘you’
  • reasons for insomnia
  • depression and over-optimism
  • exercising control

The fountain of youth? Just step out of time!

Pat Williams looks at the effects on body and mind of stepping back in time and ponders the possibilities of bi-directional flow.

The brain inflamed

Andrew Morrice explores the role of inflammation in depression and how this links with the HG approach.

“Just what we need”: the update

HG practitioners describe what they have learned through offering this creative programme for parents in a variety of settings.

“The land of illusion”: helping young people with psychosis

Damian Head describes using the HG approach in his work at an early intervention service.

How bureaucrats destroy public services and what can be done

Ivan Tyrrell talks with John Seddon about the absolute necessity for fundamental change in Whitehall.

Is your mind full of mindfulness?

John Bayley puts the current phenomenon of mindfulness into perspective.

Cultures, in context

Julia Welstead suggests that resourceful lifestyles in small communities may provide a template for healthy urban living.

Therapist’s casebook

Andrew Richardson discusses the thriving private and online HG practice that he has built up over 10 years.

When the children grow up…

How Miriam Chachamu helps parents of adult children cope with conflict in changed relationships.

“Love your mind”: reaching out creatively to students

A highly innovative approach to enhancing university students’ wellbeing and academic success. By Gareth Hughes.

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