Human Givens Journal - Volume 15, No 4, 2008

Volume 15, No 4, 2008

Human Givens Journal

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ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Not necessarily hostages

How we are: News, views and information

  • The ‘bereavement exclusion’
  • effects of non-cooperation
  • psychotic thinking
  • lavender and dental fear
  • vaccination and stress
  • teenage overweight and thoughts of suicide
  • girls with autism
  • presumption of guilt
  • is altruism genetically selected for?
  • cultural differences in dementia carer relatives
  • ear disease and schizophrenia
  • children and the placebo effect
  • building on clients’ resources

The norm is not the rule

Making up the ‘rules’ to suit ourselves keeps us infantilised – and goes against nature, says Pat Williams

Parallel processing

Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell describe ‘caetextia’, a major deficit which uniquely explains the traits of Asperger’s syndrome

Practising ethically

The HGI Ethics and Complaints Committee looks at some ethical challenges that human givens practitioners may face

Normal birth can be pain free

Sheila Barratt-Smith discusses with Denise Winn how the language and images associated with birth affect perception of pain

Tomorrow’s doctor

medical training and the human givens Adam Lake describes how the human givens approach could help medical students become better doctors

Closing angry files

GP Mona Mahfouz can now resolve hidden anger that is causing distress – in just a 10-minute patient consultation

A better way to meet need than weed

Traditionally, people with persistent mental health problems smoke. But they can be helped to quit, says Di Hurley

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