Human Givens Journal Volume 15, No 2, 2008

Volume 15, No 2, 2008

Human Givens Journal

Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp) / Digital PDF Journal (48pp) 

ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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An idea that is spreading

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Norms that aren’t normal
  • false sense of security
  • mothers who are offenders
  • a game to enhance mood
  • power and persuasion
  • concerns about drugs for depression – and drug trials
  • five praises a day
  • initials that affect performance
  • false confession
  • body clocks
  • an aid for family work
  • teenage mothers and babies’ cries
  • anxiety in pregnancy
  • music and stroke
  • art and Alzheimer’s
  • coping with pain
  • working memory overload

When words can’t say it all

Pat Williams on the power of concentrated attention.

Our many minds and the opera of life

Pat Williams shares a powerful metaphor for bringing about transformation.

The magic hoover

A story by Chris Dyas about how a girl in the secure care system made a life-changing decision.

Myth of the chemical cure

Joanna Moncrieff reveals to Farouk Okhai some alarming little-known truths about psychiatric drugs.

“Just what we need”

Linda Hoggan and Carmen Kane describe their innovative and highly popular programme for parents.

A lesson in teaching

Jonathan Solity explains a teaching method that could change education.

On the receiving end

How a former alcoholic, drug addict and violent criminal found a way to start anew. By Paula Bruce.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters.


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