Human Givens Journal Volume 14, No 4, 2007

Volume 14, No 4, 2007

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: With chronic conditions in mind…

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • Baby DVDs
  • prejudice and safety
  • recovering from psychosis without drugs
  • suicide risk and heat
  • ‘disease prestige’
  • schizophrenia and facial emotions
  • domestic violence
  • recovered memories of abuse
  • can you help Crisis?
  • symptoms and common smells
  • panic postmenopause
  • doodling out of depression
  • yawning
  • chocoholism explained

Articles include

Too hot, too cold, and round we go

Pat Williams ponders the problems caused by extremes.

A much-changed practice

Mona Mahfouz’s inspiring account of how the human givens approach has totally transformed her practice as a GP.

How to live a full life – despite a disabling condition

Melanie Weeks describes how a project at Hartlepool Mind is helping people with chronic illnesses overcome barriers to change.

A Christmas Carol – or a tale of three therapists?

James Tapper show how this famous tale by Charles Dickens reflects important elements of the human givens approach.

Why the chief executive should take a walk

Harriet Sergeant talks to Ivan Tyrrell about what’s going wrong in the caring services.


Jan Sherlock describes how she gained her confidence in using the human givens approach to therapy.

Learned helpfulness

Steve Osmond illustrates how working with the human givens approach can help young people in the secure care system.

Testing treatment for trauma

Martin Murphy describes qualitative research providing evidence of effectiveness of the rewind technique for trauma.

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