Volume 13, No 4, 2006

Human Givens Journal

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Editorial: Evolved thinking

How We Are: news, views and information:

  • Psychosis and dreams
  • the closed-eyes effect
  • explaining savant-like skills
  • music in your dreams
  • surviving disasters
  • violent drivers
  • power of prayer in healing
  • numeracy and judgement
  • how work mates improve our work
  • a story to learn from
  • males self-harm too
  • unexplained symptoms
  • unmet needs and suicide risk
  • hemisphericity
  • personality changes in young relatives of schizophrenics
  • help for hearing voices

Ins and outs of the virtual life
The virtual and the real have a way of changing places behind our backs, says Pat Williams.

Thinking outside the boxes
It is time for psychiatry to stop ‘fitting’ people’s distress into questionable diagnostic categories, argues Dr Farouk Okhai.

School's out — of touch
Dr Leonard Sax says gender differences in learning are more profound than realised — and the education system must catch up.

Autistic tendencies: the consequences for our culture
Professor Michael Fitzgerald talks with Joe Griffin about the powerful positive — and negative — effects of autistic thinking.

Going for gold
Suzanne Segerstrom has found that an optimistic outlook can have some unexpected effects.

Working with stroke from the human givens approach
Jim Tapper explains the part played by met and unmet needs in degree of impairment from stroke.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters

  • Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
  • ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)
  • Publication date: 20/12/2006

About the editor

Denise WinnDenise Winn is a journalist, editor and author specialising in psychology – who has also practised as a human givens therapist for the last 14 years.

She is editor of The Human Givens Journal and for over 25 years she was a regular contributor at different times for the Sunday Times, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. For 12 years she was also Cosmopolitan’s medical writer as well as a contributor to a variety of other national magazines. She is former editor of a magazine produced by Mind, the mental health charity, and the UK edition of Psychology Today.  

Author in her own right of 18 books on medical and psychological topics, for the lay reader, she co-authored the HG Approach series of best-selling self-help titles on depression, addiction, anxiety, anger and liberation from pain, as well as Managing the Monkey with Mark Dawes.