Julian Penton

Julian is a Human Givens practitioner who for the past 20 years has been providing one-to-one therapy, mentoring human givens (HG) therapists, teaching various HG seminars and workshops, as well as Part 2 of the Diploma alongside Joe Griffin, and designing and delivering the HG College’s HG supervision training course. He has also had various roles in the governance of the Human Givens Institute. These include 10 years as an HGI Board member, including three years as Board secretary, and in complaints management and professional standards. This latter work began 17 years ago as a member of the Institute’s original Ethics Committee and included more recently a brief stint as Co-chair of the HGI’s Registration and Professional Standards Committee.

He uses (and frequently explains) the HG organising ideas in his Hartlepool-based work in northeast England – which involves supporting and developing voluntary organisations & social enterprises and facilitating collaboration within & between statutory organisations and the voluntary sector. Such work involves supporting generous people enthused with a vision for greater social justice and a passion for making a positive difference in the town. He has a particular interest in the Human Learning Systems approach and the relationship between organisational health & efficacy, staff & volunteer wellbeing and the human givens.

By way of maintaining balance, relaxation involves cycling, gardening, hill walking, reading and listening to jazz music.

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