Taking HG ideas into the wider world

The Conciliators Guild – which incorporates HG understandings into its ground-breaking international work in diplomacy, politics and conflict resolution – has just launched a profound new online tool: the Table of Political Elements.

Conciliators Guild promo Image for The table of political elements Based on the Periodic Table of Elements, it’s a wonderful 3D, interactive metaphor demonstrating how everything is interconnected – something politicians, managers and bureaucrats tend to forget, which causes chaos around the world.

By using it you can see that any issue has many surprising aspects to it. The Table is itself a metaphor for unexpected connections and consequences and will remind you to avoid becoming trapped in polarised thinking. It’s well worth exploring.

The designers, John Bell, Anthony Thomson, John Zada and Ivan Tyrrell, worked hard on this project throughout the lockdowns – apparently, it helped keep them sane! Watch the short explanatory video here >

Please share this widely – particularly with anyone who has influence – the richer context, clearer thinking and psychological knowledge it provides are sorely needed in today’s turbulant world.

Find out more >

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